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Carte Sejour

Posted by Linda Caird-193057 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

HumptyDingo is right. You dont need to be resident here, but you do need to prove you have an address here, the "facture EDF" or electricity bill.

When you register with the EDF, they charge you 10 EUR or so for the connection, and give you a bill, and with that France is your oyster.

Having said that, the banks here are not much good and they charge too much.  I just use mine for paying the EDF and telephone bill, but for anything serious I use a bank in Belgium.

If I want to transfer money from my French account to my wife's French account, I have to go the agency and ask them to do it, or give her a cheque, but I can transfer from my Belgian account to her French account using the Internet for free.


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Posted by Linda Caird-193057 - 15 years ago

Thanks for you reply. we tried this but as a non resident all our mail would have to be sent to our uk address including cheque book, statements etc. this would be a nuisance as we are renting our property and it would mean the tenants having to redirect all our mail.

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 15 years ago

Why should you need to be a full time resident to open a bank account.  Credit Lyonais accepted valid passports from us (was a few years ago).  Folk who own holiday homes here need to have a French bank account (and do have French bank accounts) so that they can pay local workman for repairs etc. etc. None of these are full time residents or have carte de sejours.  Are you sure a passport would not have been acceptable as identity and perhaps some evidence of an address here ?

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Posted by PickledPepper - 15 years ago

Hi Linda

Take a look at some of the local banks that could help you out, take a look here  http://riviera.angloinfo.com/af/54/ they will tell you what you need.

Good luck :-)