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Catch-22 w/carte de sejour and medical insurance

Posted by khilman - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by khilman - 16 years ago

Update: I called the Assurance Maladie and verified that I can get my wife added since we indeed have a récipicée for her carte de sejour.Thanks for all the suggestions. Kevin

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Posted by Miss Varna - 16 years ago

Weird - my husband is employed here as well and when we got married and I joined him here, I was added to his assurance maladie within a few days without them wanting to see my C.d.S. - I don't even have one!

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago

There are a lot of Catch-22 situations with the new law on CdS requirements and that is creating a lot of hassle in the Préfecture at the moment.  Usually the way to sovle those issues is to put the 2 administrations head-to-head and have THEM sort out their bureaucracy rather than accepting the responsibility yourself.  I know this sounds a little lofty and theoretical and doesn't help you when you speak little French and you have a stonefaced fonctionnaire in front of you but a little unconditional love and brilliant smile very often helps.  I've helped a couple of EU friends recently in CdS catch-22 land and the trick is humility, patience and WRITTEN demands from the agency that is demanding the thing that the other agency won't provide.

Your case is different from the EU nationals I've helped.  I'm assuming your wife is American in which case the necessity for CdS remains in vigour.  If she has a récipissé (temporary blue or pink paper CdS) which is currently valid then that is as good as a CdS in law.  Return to the Caisse de Sécurité Sociale with a colour photocopy and politely request that the "ayant droit" is updated.  If they don't accept the récipissé and continue to demand a definitive CdS, ask them what law requires this and ask them to put it in writing for the Préfecture.

Remember to smile when you play hard ball.  Works everytime.

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Posted by tkw - 16 years ago

I just went through the same sort of thing...I carried travel medical insurance for a few months to get through the process. Although this doesn't count as proof of medical assurance, for that you would have to carry one of those real expat medical policies with a french version of the policy of course. But that is sort of silly and expensive because as soon as she shows that...she can get her carte de sejour and then she can get on your assurance maladie...and then you don't need the seperate policy anymore.

For some reason they didn't care about if I had medical insurance when I got my carte de sejour..even though it says at the prefecture that you have to prove this. Only thing I can think of is because I came from within the EU. After that it just require a single form to assurance maladie (with copies of everything, and a translation of birth certificate).

BLAH BLAh...are you sure you are trying to get her into the country under the correct process? If you get a visitors carte de sejour you do need to show medical insurance for the period: http://www.alpes-maritimes.pref.gouv.fr/pages/demarches/etrangers/etrangers/b4.html

However if you go for regroupment of family, its a little more complicated requires an OMI doctors visit but you don't need to prove medical insurance, I think its a different department DDASS Centre Administratif departmental Batiment Audibergue http://www.alpes-maritimes.pref.gouv.fr/pages/demarches/etrangers/etrangers/b8.html


good luck..by the way some companies here employ external contractors (usually ex-Prefecture workers) to help with this exact type of issue. Maybe yours does?