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changes to salaries

Posted by paulnat - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by tudor4x4 - 7 years ago


Had the same discussion in our firm and the "contable" helped a little to clear things out.

The situation "before" september was as follows - the extra hours were exempt from the "charges" that you get on your salary, both "charges" patronales (concerns your boss) and "salariales" (concerns you). Aside from that, the extra hours weren't considered for the "impot sur le revenu" calculation.

The situation "after" september is as follows - the extra hours are considered for the "impot sur le revenu" no matter how big your firm is. As for the "charges", for companies with more than 20 employees bothe the charges patronales and salariales are due; for companies with less than 20 people, only the the charges patronales are exempt, the charges salariales (yours) are due. Therefore, unfortunately, the net sum you get into your bank account will be smaller with amount of the charges salariales on your 4hrs/week x 4 weeks = 16 extra hours/month.

bon courage,



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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 7 years ago

The man from l' Elysee palace did say that TPE companies (tres petite entreprise, less than 20 salaried staff) were exempt from this change, but he said it after the payslip changes for august and I have noted that the rectification for september hasnt been done so I dont know if that comment was just so much hot air of if the wages department concerned hasnt caught up yet.

This may not help you (depending on the size of the company you work for) but could be worth rattling cages about for some people

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Posted by paulnat - 7 years ago

oh my god !!!! great sounds exactly right! contracted hours are 39 per week

thanks for your help

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 7 years ago

all due to a change in taxation on overtime .

Overtime is considered anything you work over and above the 35hour week so unfortunately even if you are contracted to work a 39hr week (as are many people working here for non french companies) those extra 4 hours a week are considered overtime and are now subject to various deductions at source.

say "Thank you" to the nice man at l'Elysee palace who was only going to tax the rich before he got into office but has now apparently changed his mind & is going to rob the poor too (& the middle classes dont have a hope)