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Cheapest Mobile Phone Calls?

Posted by jonboy-191946 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by tkw - 15 years ago

Oh I forgot to mention, when you recharge with a small card like 10euros which is only valid for a month or two...your whole remaining balance of minutes is extended to this new deadline. A useful trick if you aren't using your phone for much for a month or two but you still have money sitting in your account.

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Posted by tkw - 15 years ago

Hey jonboy,

There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of difference between the pay as you go plans in cost...the difference is really how you use them.

I went with Orange mobicarte because you can buy up to 100euro cards that give you 50 euros free and last 8months. That drops your rate from .45centimes/min to .30centimes.  Not to mention if you only talk evenings and weekends the rate goes to 0.25centimes or 0.17centimes with the free bonus. This is as cheaper or cheaper than most of the plans that require a 12month or 24month subscription. Of course it still expensive compared to airtime in many other countries, but hey this is France.

I've also found that Orange roams pretty well in Germany, Denmark, England...had some problems in Andorra and was spotty in Spain, USA, and Canada. You can't expect too much for roaming when you are using a pay as you go plan because the international roaming agreements don't always work with payasyougo plans and it is more expensive.



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Posted by Twilight-186781 - 15 years ago

try sfr 6 month plan

if you are here for 6 months its great

works as a pay as you go in that once u have spent the money you must buy more credit, except you get much better value than pay as you go for phone time and a much better mobile phone too