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Chomage Rmi and being broke and clueless help plz

Posted by Collie21 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Collie21 - 16 years ago

Apparently the one day doesn't work, I was going to get it organised and they told me not to bother as to why I can't actually remember now! I gave them all the forms, problem is I can't understand why they wanted them if they aren't relavent. I also need info about a social assistant. Apparently my bus ticket would only cost 7€ a month?????? Sorry If I am not being clear here, its because I am not clear myself. Everyone I have met seems to have something different going on. Anpe placed me in a French course but I am still waiting for some sort of financial assistance and for someone to explain what entitlements are. And no I am not a state sponger, just someone with a bit of a struggle on at the moment.hey does that wall have a crack in it?

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Posted by draz_dee - 16 years ago

HI Collie ! My girlfriend had the same problem when she moved down here from Dublin. It was hard even for me - a French person - to understand how works her rights and to try to get her the 'chomage' with all those papers and forms... As the assedic probably told you, you need to work only a day in France to get the 'chomage' calculated on your amount of hours worked in Ireland and on your wages over there. I think you are then entitled of getting the 'chomage' for a minimum of 6 months. First, you have to get a E301 form from the Social Welfare Services Office en Ireland (Telephone: 003531 704 3000). You need to give them you PRSI number, address in France and one in Ireland, a P45 form from your employer in Ireland (with numbers of hours worked, wages..I think assedic need at least 6 months of wages..so 24 if you were paid every week like my girlfriend was!). So i advice you to get this P45 form asap cos it is quite long then to get the E301 form.Here is a link that might help you : http://www.welfare.ie/publications/sw4/s3.htmlAsk your employer to write on the P45 form that your contract was over or that he dismissed you or else that it was a determined period contract. If you resigned from your previous job in Ireland, the assedic will probably not give you the dole!! Then come back to the assedic with all these papers.. I think you only need to work a day in France to get then the chomage for a minimum of 6 months. It is a way i think to prove that you are really setted up in France and not here in holidays...!Also you should be entitled of getting the 'allocation d'insertion',(around 9 euros a day during your period of unemployment). It is a kind of help for people who works abroad and who wants to settle in France but apparently from what i heard they changed their mind 6 months ago and dont give them anymore to european citizens ! You can still try to ask but it seems quite hard to get (my girlfriend didnt get it)Anyway, good luck with french administration which might be one of the worst in europe ! If you need any more details or help you can contact me on julien.cambon@laposte.net or my girlfriend on deirdre.murray@laposte.netGood luckJulien