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christmas shopping in London

Posted by nina-II - Created: 14 years ago
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I am planning to take my daughter for a week end in London, and I have a choice of two dates 8/11 and 29/11. Can anybody tell me if Xmas decorations will be on by then in the shops and in the street ( I really want her eyes to shine!)?

question nbr 2: is it better to go Gatwick or Luton, and what is the easiest way to reach London from there?

Thanks to anybody who could help

PS If this is not streching everyone patience, anybody knows of a decent, central place to stay that would leave me with a bit of money to buy christmas presents?

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Posted by Trudie-183812 - 14 years ago

The actual date hasn't been confirmed yet, but last year it was on the 14th November.  I'll let you know the date when its available.


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Posted by nina-II - 14 years ago

HAMLEYS!!! That was the name I was trying to remember!

Thanks everybody!

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Posted by Jan-181414 - 14 years ago

This should help you


I think that Regent Street are the best.


Anything for a peaceful life

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Posted by michael and kate - 14 years ago

For accommodation, I recommend the London County Hall Travel Inn - find this on www.travelinn.co.uk.

If you can't get in, you should try other london travel inns or any london travelodges on www.travelodge.co.uk.

They are both very similar - excellent value, clean friendly, chain hotels.  The county hall one is particularly well located (right by the London Eye, on the river, by the tube), but does get booked up. Many of the other london hotels from these 2 chains are by tube stations, so that's good - maps and nearest tube stations are all detailed on the websites.

For which airport, I would say Heathrow is your closest bet as its on the tube (try British Midland, British Airways or Air France), then Gatwick (BA or Easyjet), then Luton and Stansted.  However, all are dead easy to get into London if you are flying in during the day - Heathrow tube, Gatwick train, Luton/Stansted train or bus.  Details are on the carriers websites.

As for Christmas lights, can't help..!!!

Have a wonderful time and don't forget to check out Harrods toy dept and Hamleys for your daughter!!!





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Posted by nina-II - 14 years ago

Thanks Jan

mine will be seven by then; I was precisly thinking of a musical because we went to see Cats, last time, and she was fascinated, specialy because the actor playing Deuteronomy was kind enough to allow the kids to come close and stroke is costume during the interval!

I was thiking of 'the king and I" this time, but you're right, I think I will enjoy Grease more! 

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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 14 years ago


Im pretty sure there is a website which will tell you the exact date the lights come on in London. If not, go onto the London tourist website and send them an email directly about it.


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Posted by Jan-181414 - 14 years ago

Don't know much about Luton to central London. But from Gatwick airport there are trains direct to London Victoria. From there take the underground to oxford circus, or better still take the bus.
The bus station is just outside Victoria railway station. There are machines for buying tickets. The best bet is to buy a day pass for about 2.50 pounds and you can jump on and off where ever you like.

How old is your daughter?
I took my 12 year old to London in the summer. We had a great time. I took her to  Harrods ( the food halls were very popular). Then we went on to see Grease in the evening. It is well worth it if you have time. It was one of the best shows that I have seen.


Anything for a peaceful life