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Posted by Bluesky-189167 - Created: 13 years ago
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I am settled here in The South and my wife is looking to move down in December. We need to find a good school for our two girls aged 7 and 9. They have been in the French education system for three years and are fluent. Can anyone advise me about CIV. Is it free? What about the international department? Would the French part be as good? What is the catchment area? I have heard that they are keen to take fully bilingual children. Any ideas on the fees? Any help or advise would be very much appreciated.

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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

Hi Bluesky,

Fees for the international class (tuition is half in French and half in English - on alternate days) at the junior school which is next to the CIV (école de Haut Sartoux) are currently around 2400 euros per year.  Fees for the anglophone section at the CIV from 6ème to 3ème (12 to 15yrs) are around 1360 euros p.a.  Discounts may apply, e.g. -3% if paying 1yr up front by the July due date, -10% if paying 2yrs in advance.

Not sure what you mean exactly by "would the French part be as good?" If you mean 'as good as the equivalent public sector class in an all-French school', the answer is yes, or better, even, especially at collège level(Secondary), as some local French collèges are known to be quite dire, academically.

If you want a free, all-French school, you will be tied to your catchment area, i.e. you will have little or no choice in the matter.  If you apply for the anglophone section of the CIV, there is a non-too-daunting entrance exam which largely overrides the catchment area rules, I believe. The situation re:catchment is evolving anyway as ISSA aim to create new anglophone sections in several local schools in the future.

You'll also find quite a lot of additional information about the CIV here: www.civissa.org.   Fees are explained and shown on this page: http://www.civissa.org/enrolfee.htm.

Hope this helps.