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CIV Transport Valbonne

Posted by richardr-181963 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by richardr-181963 - 16 years ago

Hi Legend

Yes I'm a Sophia commuter so it isn't that much actual trouble since I tend to come and go at approximately the same sort of times. THe bus is definitely official 'plan B' at the minute - and I even catch the bus sometimes myself and have a carte salarie so it's not so much that. It's more that if I'm going there with a fairly empty car, along with all the other fairly empty cars, all clogging up the roads at that time of morning (I'm sure you know what I mean about Bouillides up to CIV) that it'd be much better all round for me, others, traffic, congestion, pollution (even the buses would run better) if there was a better use of resources and time. (Better stop - sounding a bit greenie)

Thanks anyway


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago


Are you already a Sophia commuter yourself and just looking for others to share your commute journey for school drops? 

Or are you proposing to taxi a 15 year old old to/from school every day? 

If you are really proposing a private school run, I can't believe you could cover the cost of petrol or diesel for the little amount the school bus costs.  If you're on Pierrefeu near the village, then the bus is a perfect option for regular hours and will create independence in your son - also it would really help the environment and the local population to reduce the number of private "taxis" going into Sophia at those peak hours.