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Cocktail sauce or Horseradish

Posted by mapleleaf-215187 - Created: 10 years ago
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Have saved this for the last minute but does anyone know if it's possible to find cocktail sauce here. Or, failing that it seems to me that it can be made from ketchup and horseradish but I don't think I've seen much horseradish around either?Thanks for your help

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Posted by Roo-235802 - 10 years ago

I found the horseradish sauces here are more 'bitter' or stronger then ours...you need to buy a few and taste them first or make the sauce as welli42 says..;recently I bought french satay peanut sauce and almost puked at the taste...so TRY first before you buy loads and find your guests hate it tooI am sure I saw cocktail sauce in the carrefour near the smoked salmon/potted salmon paste and prawns section...I think it was called Sauce Marie or something like that..prefer to make my own thoughRoo

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Posted by victorious-229687 - 10 years ago

I had the same issue around the holidays. We made it on our own with Horseradish, which you will definately find. I believe we got it at Carrefour.


Victorious : )

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 10 years ago

I think mapleleaf is looking for the North American version of cocktail sauce, which does not contain mayo. mapleleaf, do a search for horseradish on this site as this topic came up a couple of months ago.

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Posted by callian4040 - 10 years ago

Change the ketchup for Tomato Puree, as ketchup contains vinagar and is to sharp - I also add a dash of cream or creme fluid to mine and paprika if no tabasco available.

Good alternative to this sauce to go with prawns is a Lemon Mayonaise slightly thinned with cream or creme fluid.

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Posted by lynchmob - 10 years ago

I always make it myself... Tomato ketchup, mayo, tabasco, fresh cracked black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice

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Posted by cab-182963 - 10 years ago

Attention! The horseradish you'll find is not pure, it's mixed in with oils. You might try looking at a kosher store if you want only pure horseradish.


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Posted by mapleleaf-215187 - 10 years ago

Thanks guys!

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Posted by Sunshine05-203826 - 10 years ago

You should be able to get jars of horseradish at Carrefour in Antibes. I thinks its with the British products.

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Posted by ameri-cannes - 10 years ago
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Posted by welli42 - 10 years ago

Have you tried either Brittain's in Valbonne or Geoffrey's in Antibes?

Alternatively as you say you can make it from ketchup and mayonaisse, both of which you can get anywhere. You can add a bit of tabasco to give it a kick if you want.