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Company interested in participating in a CRM pilot

Posted by INGEBERG-183525 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by INGEBERG-183525 - 17 years ago

I absolutely agree. A CRM system is only strings of code and a more or less good user inferface. Without implementing a CRM system in the company by the book, this kind of software can easily become an expensive addressbook.

That is why we use the term "project". We need to communicate with the users as well as the management, and we all need to do that in a project. As you say, no pain no gain. If the organization is not willing to change the way they work, a CRM system will probably not do anything for them.

We guarantee that a CRM system implemented according to our implementation plan will save time and money. There. And by using a standard, open, ease-of-use software (80% finished /20% customization) with the most common functions a click or two away , we know SuperOffice CRM 5 will bring you a long way.

Why SuperOffice CRM 5 is different? The users prefer it. It's easy to use - away of life at work.

Ease of use The intuitive interface assists users in their work and hardly requires additional effort. Therefore the system will be more easily accepted. Information about customers will end up where it should go: in SuperOffice. Quick implementation Implementing SuperOffice does not require extensive design, reengineering of processes or weeks of training for users.   Mobile and flexible SuperOffice offers ways to access information anywhere and anytime, whether over the internet, on a notebook, PDA or a WAP phone.  Powerful core functionality SuperOffice has all the features necessary to perform customer relationship management in sales, marketing and support.  Scalable for the whole organization CRM-information can be shared and analyzed across larger corporations and multiple departments. Departments and functional groups can create their own specific database templates without loosing the SuperOffice look and feel.  


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Posted by The Saint-185412 - 17 years ago

A CRM system alone will do absolutely nothing to take care of your customers.  This is the trap that most companies who use CRM are falling into.  CRM is not about having a great IT system - it is about fundamentally changing the way that you work in order to understand your customers and provide superior customer value.

Some of the most customer-oriented companies have very limited databases for providing customer info, but they have the right frame of mind.  Other (well known) companies have spent millions implementing CRM systems and are still as out-of-touch with their customers as ever!

I would be very interested to know how you can guarantee that a CRM system will save money!