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compare cost of living with Canada

Posted by Jeka - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Jeka - 16 years ago

Hey Thomas,

for some reason I was unable to email you directly.

Please just forward your email address to me:

jeki98@hotmail.com, and I'll email you back.

Yes, TI, how did you know?


Jeka (Canada)

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Posted by tkw - 16 years ago

Well I can't really help you with the eastern cities since I lived in Vancouver and am  only just getting settled in Antibes. But my impression so far is the salaries are a slightly lower, the tax is about the same, and the cost of living is higher. With a few exceptions like wine and beer, the cost of daily life seems to have increased by about 20%, often it seems like if you paid $15 in canada it would be 15euros here (ok maybe thats more than 20% right now). Similar for rent, Vancouver city is generally considered expensive to rent and starting at $1200 you might get a 1000sq.ft 2bedroom apptment here it could be 1200euros for the same thing. Not that there aren't places available for 600euros but they are usually a studio of maximum 400sq.ft. (note if you are looking at apartments 400sq ft ~= 40sq meteres) 

Are you going to be working at TI? Few people actually live in Villeneuve-Loubet and younger people usually pick one of the cities like Nice or Antibes or maybe even Cannes so that there is something to do in the evening!

Maybe this helps a little bit, hopefully see you on the cote d'azur, I wouldn't mind if there were some more canadians or canadiens around. Send me a mail if you end up coming to town.