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computer doctor needed

Posted by montecarlo-266813 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by patbun-198410 - 6 years ago


Do you have a PC or a MAC ? Do you speak French ? I will send you the details of somebody I use, he is very professional and extremely cheap but not sure he speaks English....

We had the same problem lately, hotmail got hijacked and he managed to get it back !

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Posted by liddane-276028 - 6 years ago

First off, I am at home in Ireland, just checking into Anglo-Info, so I cannot directly help you.

(1) There is no need to presume that there is something wrong with your laptop, particularly since another person has tried to log in from a different machine and is getting the same result. Obviously the problem lies with your Hotmail account.

(2) Your Hotmail files in any event, are not on your laptop - they are on Hotmail's computers, so I am not sure what you expect to salvage from your own machine, unless of course you at some stage, "transferred" some of uyour emails from your Hotmail account to another email program on your laptop?

(3) I notice you use the specific phrase that "Hotmail is blocked", which seems to suggest that you have received a message or seen a screen which uses the word "blocked" on it.

Hotmail accounts can be and are blocked by Hotmail from time to time for various reasons, but when they block an account, immediately after you attempt to log in, a page comes up with some explanatory message, perhaps on the lines of:

"Your account has been blocked.Someone may have used your account to send out a lot of junk messages (or something else that violates the Windows Live Terms of Service)".

Is a page like that (or a similar explanatory page) coming up?

If so, what does it say?

If not, what happens when you log in - what is the next thing you see?

(4) You say that you are certain that you used the correct password, and there is nothing more irritating than somebody saying that you did not, so I will not say it! However, if you make multiple attempts to log-in using an incorrect passwords, Hotmail can block subsequent attempts.

(5) Can you check - have any friends or acquaintances received emails apparently from you since this problem started? Perhaps containing a message which you would not have sent - like inviting them to go to a particular website, or purchase something?

Finally, which browser are you using? There have been Hotmail issues using Chrome - so if you have used Chrome to log-in, and have for example IE on the machine, use that and see what happens.

Jim Liddane

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Posted by montecarlo-266813 - 6 years ago

no I don't know why it was blocked. In actual fact I did sign in with what I know was my correct password, but it just wouldn't let me access hotmail. My girlfriend tried for me on her computer, nothing doing .... meanwhile, it seems all my emails are lost since my mobile is synchrod with my computer and so I can read and send emails from my phone. Now all of a sudden hotmail is empty. I need someone who can help me to get hotmail back, but more important retrieve all stored, or part stored info on my laptop's hard drive. I have tried so often now to change password, that late last night a message appeared 'too many tries' .... do you know anyone who can help???

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Posted by BeeBee-309619 - 6 years ago

Hi, This info from a computer doctor, hope it helps!

This is the normal way:
Go to www.hotmail.com --> Click on "Can't access your account?" --> Select

"I forgot my password" --> Click on "Reset your password" --> Enter your

blocked hotmail ID --> Enter the given Captcha --> Select "Customer support" -->

Then below that you will be getting an option "Customer support", click on it -->

Enter your working E-mail ID and follow the instructions.

Good luck!

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Posted by liddane-276028 - 6 years ago

Usually when your Hotnail account is blocked, a reason is given.

Depending on the reason given, it is usually possible to unblock it.

Do you know why it was blocked?

Jim Liddane