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computer question

Posted by laura j - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Doug-181340 - 15 years ago

I'll second Reinrev's recommendation of the Computer Center near the Main Station in Nice on avenue Thiers. I'm a bit of a geek myself and usually have a good idea of what I want to buy, but the staff can sometimes add value with their own experiences. They have a good stock at CS and whilst prices are not as low as some of the Internet stores, they are often willing to 'deal'. Over the last four years, I've used most of the computer retailers in central Nice and CS always come out on top (And no, I'm not a professional, I don't get commission - I just respect good service and promote it on the rare occasions it happens in this part of the world)There are some excellent web e-tailers around but I'm still a bit of a Luddite when it comes to buying techno-bits. If I can get it in a local shop for a few bucks more, then I'll do so. Those of you who have experienced extracting a rebate from a faceless web company will know what I mean. Hanging on the end of a phone being exposed to 37 minutes of Lionel Richie is far less satisfying than a good rant in a local retail emorium on a Saturday afternoon!You know you can always go back and play h*ll if there's a problem :-)

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 15 years ago

Would highly recommend Infobis, Rue Arson cross with Rue Smollett in Nice Est. If I'm in a hurry I get all my stuff here - if not, everything off the Web ( in France ) including ink cartridges . www.mistergooddeal.com is great - just bought a digital camera for half the price because the box had been opened and a brand new Toshiba laptop with 40% off - surplus to stock.

Have also bought a laptop off www.grosbill.com . Buying from the UK is an expensive operation now that the French have dropped their prices as they get into IT.

Have also bought from www.ldlc.com recently .



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Posted by reinrev5 - 15 years ago


Following all these suggestions I would like to add one thing and that is www.ldlc.com  have the best after sales service of them all.  They even exchanged a burnt out mother-board due to overclocking for me! If they'd said no, I wouldn't have protested.

If you want to go to have a look/touch bits and pieces and at the same time even if you need advice I would suggest the Computer Center near the Main Station in Nice on avenue Thiers. Very little English spoken. They are a bit more expensive than the Internet but have a good choice of just about anything you could need and most important, they will give you a straight and honest reply and deal. They will even build you a PC on your specs. if you want.



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Posted by Old Brit - 15 years ago

Try http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObjects/francestoreExcellent computers with unbeatable language support and great reliability. Plus, they look nice.

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Posted by djbracht-183239 - 15 years ago

Another good web site for all computer related products is


Or a local shop is Sophia Buisness computers


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Posted by ivanfox - 15 years ago


To compare prices I suggest www.monsieurprix.com (lots of categories, not just computers).  This is also a handy way to locate a supplier for a specific item if your usual supplier doesn't carry it.

Otherwise I've bought some very reasonably priced items from www.rueducommerce.comwww.materiel.net is supposed to be good also.


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Posted by davidl-181802 - 15 years ago

Just a thought.

If you do build one down here (there are plenty of places to get parts from) you may want to bring a UK spec keyboard and English software as that will be harder to get down here without going to specialist retailers.


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Posted by ian81-188951 - 15 years ago

I have found www.ldlc.com to be good supplier at reasonable prices

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Posted by Nadil - 15 years ago

You are probably better off purchasing a unit here (will most likely save a lot on shipping). Being someone who works in the IT field, I purchase frequently off the net and can tell you the online sites offer great bargains and great service as well. Some of the sites are listed below - please note that these are French search engines that offer you the best prices on components:http://informatique.kelkoo.fr/b/a/c_110001_informatique.htmlhttp://www.rue-hardware.com/http://prix.materiel.be/http://www.buycentral.fr/main__info.htmlhttp://www.lesprix.net/Happy hunting!!

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 15 years ago

I would have thought that the cheapest way is to find a friend, colleague, neighbour to bring it with them by car when they next come to the Coted'Azur or search or keep an eye open within this forum for the many empty vans coming back from the UK who appear to be delighted to call and collect items on route for delivery back here.