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Computer Re Boot

Posted by DaveH-180933 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by OK-186520 - 17 years ago

in reply to a previous post from someone who obviosuly doesnt have his facts straight re Macs, PCs, and Software:

Norton Antivirus is amongst the top highly respected pieces of antivirus software and it costs around 20€ PER YEAR, not per month!

And what about all the apps that dont work on a Mac?

So, thats my rant for today.

PS: to all the other Mac uses I dont wish to bash your fine pieces of kit, I know they are superb for some applications - just wish some people would understand there are benefits both ways and not seek to misrepresent the facts.

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Posted by Andrew.Wilk - 17 years ago

Mac v PC? Now dont get me started!

Anyway, anti-virus software is useful but no substitute for a suspicious mind. Touch plastic, I've never had a virus in twelve years, and been in receipt of many in my mailbox. Don't touch any attachment you are not expecting, especially something that is trying to attract your interest- straight in the bin - and use Mailwasher to preview all mail and help fight the modern plague of spam. Where common sense fails, then antivirus software can be a help.



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Posted by davidl-181802 - 17 years ago

Whilst admitting that there are less viruses written to take out Macs - I can honestly say that I've had a PC since 1997 and only ever had one attempted virus

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Posted by Old Brit - 17 years ago

quote:You'll be good to go. Invest in antivirus software.  It will be $30.00 well spent.id=quote>At times like this I'm glad I bought an Apple Mac. It may have cost a few Euros more than a "cheap" pee cee but I don't have endless payments of $30 every month or two to "update" virus software. In fact I've never even had any virus software (or any viruses) and I've been on-line since 1994. :-)

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Posted by eibradley - 17 years ago


Actually, you can make a bootable floppy for W98 and not worry about re-introductions of viral agents by flipping the little tab on the upper backside of the floppy to lock the floppy (write protected.)  [Locked position will create a open square hole equal to that on the other side of the disk.]  -As long as your new W98 boot disk has never been in an infected system.

The idea is that you want to use a floppy that has been reformatted on a machine with current antivirus software to illiminate the wonder if that used floppy was ever infected.  Or just use a new formatted floppy.

I will zip up the files you need tomorrow for a bootable W98 disk and email them to you with a few lines to allow your system to read any generic CD ROM drive, as you will have lost those drivers when you fdisked the hard drive. 

You will just need to take the files I email to you, unzip them on a friends system that is clean of viruses and copy them on to a clean formatted floppy then lock it. 

Enter your BIOS and make sure your boot devices are:

 -floppy first,

-CD ROM second.  

Put both the W98 CD in and your floppy, restart.

You'll be good to go. Invest in antivirus software.  It will be $30.00 well spent.


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Posted by Jens_scott - 17 years ago

Have you made sure that the Boot Sequens is set to CD first then Harddrive ???

That could be why your computer are looking for a system Disc...


To do that you have to enter the Bios setup..... It is different from computer to computer but usually when you start up the computer it says that you have to press F12 or F1 to enter Bios. Then make sure that the Sequens is set to Cd first.....



If this is not the problem then. let us know.




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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 17 years ago

Dave - you probably need to set up your computer to boot from CD-ROM.  This setting is not always enabled by default.

Each manufacturer has a different way of doing this - usually something like typing F2 or F10 during the very initial power on test sequences.

That will take you to the BIOS setup menu where you can change a number of basic system configurations, among them the ability to boot from CD-ROM.