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Computer studies in Englsih

Posted by stoneybroke - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by JTimmins-205782 - 10 years ago


I am currently doing some courses on line in english from a on line accredited university in Alberta Canada called Athabasca University. They have classes that start at the beginning of every month and each course is something like 800 dollars. That includes the course materials. You have to be at least 16 years old. www.athabascau.com good luck!


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Posted by stoneybroke - 10 years ago

Just read the bit about vocational training or an apprenticeship. I think this would suit him down to the ground. Where can I find out about the availability of these?Stoneybroke

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Posted by stoneybroke - 10 years ago

I think at this stage he would be looking for a short or part time course. He has been ill for the past 4 years with ME and although he has had education at home, does not actually have any qualifications although they were predicted as passing. He has, however, taught himself HTML, Meyer, web optimising and is teaching himself ASP and some other programming course. Ideally he would like to do modelling and animation but I think he will have a problem doing this in the south of France and so he believes programming would be the best course of action. I think the biggest problem could be that it needs to be taught in English as he does not speak French yet. Thanks for you previous reply and any further help would really be gratefully received.Stoneybroke

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 10 years ago

At the age of 17, I'd have to ask what sort of level he is anticipating for these studies. That is very nearly university age where there are many academic possibilities but quite a rigorous entrance procedure. On the other hand he may only be looking at a short term or part time course focused on some specific technologies. Or perhaps he is looking for something associated with vocational training (like an apprenticeship)?

What is the status of his schooling and qualifications to date? Going forward?