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Posted by Ricochet South-195224 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by me_2003 - 14 years ago

hello ricochet,

knowing some of the people that have replied, you should be warned that many are estate agents and hence a a vested interest in ensuring people in the UK think it is easy and trouble free buying a house down here...

i have bought a flat and now have two problems.

a part of the outside wall of our building fell into the street.

also the homeowner in my block have voted for major repairs and the company managing our building will not act on the wishes of the owners.

buying a home aboard has the same risks as buying in the UK and also there are many barriers to getting a good deal, language, and a whole bunch of parasitic salesmen/women that live off foreign buyers.


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Posted by t-stag-180429 - 14 years ago

I'm often asked about what I regret or miss about leaving England.  The answer is "rien"!  Great to see that all the answers so far have been positive.  Vive la Farance.Steve

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Posted by voyage-187521 - 14 years ago

hi, we recently bought a house here, and previously bought a house in England, we had no major trouble neither countries, but being french, I guess it was easier for us (at least for understanding the legal jargon). The notaire fees (sollicitors) are much higher in France, due to the heavy governmental taxes, and the estate agency fee is really super over priced. Nevertheless I am glad to know that all you english buyers were feeling happy about the process of buying your property over here, and finding the right and helpful frenchie when needed. Hope that we'll be more and more (helpful frenchies).

And due to the southern location, buying in the cote d'azur is horribly more expensive than the north of England! It was quite a shock to see the prices of the houses here (i'm not comparing with London though). I guess the sun has got a price...

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 14 years ago

One big problem has been (if you look back through the forums) rather a lot of UK based print & broadcast media looking for stories of people's misery to entertain the smug folks back home.

Just tell them that we're all too scared to talk, and set the next programme on the pitfalls of buying in Surrey. I'll happily supply a list.

BTW Are you PAYING a researcher to spend a week here in June? ohmyGod!

Best of luck

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Posted by Mike V-188564 - 14 years ago

No worries! Can only echo the sentiments posted above. But more power to you, anything that keeps out those who can't cope has got to be good. Mike V

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Posted by kjlag-193902 - 14 years ago

I am sure there are some that have had difficulties, however I think you would be better off making a programme on the pleasures and not the pitfalls  of living in France.  Sounds like another government scam in trying to get brits not to leave blighty by highlighting negative issues that really do not exist here.  I have a property in Cannes and about to buy another and believe me it was a piece of cake the first time around.

It's a pleasure to live down here and I don't regret leaving the UK one bit.


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Posted by jivebaby-189615 - 14 years ago

I own a few properties in various parts of France and can only echo the positive sentiments, moreover I think it's less liklely that those encountering serious problems would be reading the forums, which incedentally are extremely useful.

The only brits you are likley to attract are the same ones that have pallned badly, give up and go home. Darwinism at its best!

Kind regards....JiveBaby

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Posted by Jan-181414 - 14 years ago

Same as ian81, but we bought a building plot, had no problems with the builders. The house is not finished, but only because we decided to do the tiling, decorating and garden ourselves. The company we had in to do the pool were excellent, the guy we have just employed to construct the terraces could not be more helpful. In fact the only workman that I have had problems with is my husband. Every task is behind schedule and he is so untidy. Jan
'anything for an easy life'

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Posted by ian81-188951 - 14 years ago

Sorry cant help we bought a house easier than in the UK, enjoy the weather, found the bureacracy managable, health service excellent the natives friendly cost of living on a par or below the UK the roads less crowded the pace of life slower French service with a certain gallic je ne sais quoi .........are we abnormal???