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Cost of living in Nice

Posted by highburyhank - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by willbe-194171 - 13 years ago

Hello! I read this discussion and it seems me very interesting,because I want to moove(or to try to moove) in Monaco too.I wanted to do it in this summer,but I hadn't got job and accomodation.I hadn't enough information how to start there,but I got advice from some very kind people.

I will use this year constructively to find better ways to get there.


Hi! If you can help with new advices a positive thinking young man, who wants to work and live on Cote d'Azur,please contact me!

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 13 years ago

Accomodation and cars might not be cheap, but they seem to be cheaper than in the UK.

Are UK motorists not importing cars from Europe anymore?


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Posted by cari-196032 - 13 years ago

I am an accountant, recently moved to Menton (Other side of Monaco). If you can speak fluent French, as a professional there is work out there. In London with my level of qualifications I can earn £18000 to £24000 a year. In Monaco I can earn £22000 to £28000 a year. If you work in Monaco and get a contract with the train co. it cost me 5 euro a week Menton To Monaco instead of the normal tariff of 3.60 euro for a day return. Food is cheap, clothes are relative but accomodation and cars (Anything mechanical for that matter) are not cheap.



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Posted by Shrek 2-196274 - 13 years ago

Highbury Hank...

if you are thinking of working Just remember one thing, year round jobs are hard to come by and the salaries are a lot lower than you would expect in London. There is high unemployment here during the winter months unless you are qualified in the high tech sector and have the qualifictaions that are required in Sophia. Sophia is going thru a tough time and employers can be choosy.....

As you can read on this Forum there are many highly qualified people who have to duck and dive during the winter months to make ends meet, but it is a lovely place to live and well worth the sacrifices although I know many people who after a year go back to the UK with the security of a full time job after having tried in vain here.....

Good luck


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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 13 years ago

The short answer is that it's unbelievably cheaper, and when you take in your sterling exchange rate it's becomes ridiculously cheaper. You would still be better off paying tax in France because the indirect taxation is a lot lot less. But if you in a complex situation, keep your domicile in the UK.beware of Nice though as I reckon the cost of living in the city is 20-30% higher than immediately outside it.

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Posted by meagherp - 13 years ago

Highbury' the cost of living is pretty irrelevent compared with all the other changes to lifestyle, work, friends etc. Its reasonable here(especially in Nice) and less than london for sure. You can have a very good life quite cheaply or spend lots on super accommodation and eating out expensively. 

If I were you I'd rent an appartment for say 6 months and decide if you would like to be in town(& which one) or the country, or decide on another area entirely. 


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Posted by PnC - 13 years ago

The true costs of living here depend so much on your situation.. for example if you are a family your tax can be massively reduced and the benefits compared to London are so much greater. The social charges seem high but you can plan well to keep your tax payments separate if you are organised.

As for the way of life... it is without comparison. we left Richmond in Surrey last year and no longer pay anything like as much in food, wine, beaches or skiing. tot up what you used to spend on those sorts of things in london and then spend a year here and i would bet it you will be better off.

if you want any more info or any help when/or before you get here please email me and i might be able to offer some pointers.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 13 years ago

The taxes are not so bad if you are not wealthy.  The majority of French people dont pay income tax.

Rising property prices have put many more people into the 'wealthy' category

You will find that a lot of 'weathy' people who appear to live here actually have a second residence here.  Their main residence is in Switzerland or Belgium or wherever.

There is nothing dodgy about having a 2nd res in the Riviera, but it gets dodgy if you establish your main residence here and then try to change your mind when you get the first tax bill.


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Posted by Pervinca - 13 years ago

Don't forget the taxes, indirect & direct (there are _two_ house taxes), social charges etc. But you do get good services: health care, education, transport, all of  which seem to have fallen apart in the UK from what I've heard and read: British Railways - a nightmare!  And all those OAPs, poor dears, having to come over here for their hip & knee transplants.  

But even if economically it might be slightly more, the French lifestyle, the sun and good food & wine should tip the balance.

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Posted by C J Flynn - 13 years ago

Cost of red, on-the-vine tomatoes last week at Carrefour - .96 euros per kiloI don't know what the cost is in London, but the cost of kinda red, on-the-vine tomatoes last week at Hughes in Los Angeles - 2.95 per pound.Similar differences in the cost of olive oil (4 euros to 14) and Mozzarella.Wouldn’t know where to get 5 liters of decent wine in LA (do you have any fill-it-yourself places in London?), but even at 2 dollars a gallon &lt1;http://www.losangelesgasprices.com/&gt1; the drive wouldn’t be worth it. It is 10 euros here, and a short drive, even though the diesel fuel is a lot higher - .863 per liter.Social costs here are less than the cost of health insurance in LA by a long shot, for much better choice and quality.Downloads to the iPod have similar costs. Flights to Amsterdam, London, Berlin and a thousand other places are a lot cheaper from NCE than flights to New York and other interesting places except for maybe San Francisco from LAX...but getting to LAX is a several hour journey.Prices of property – ridiculous everywhere. I doubt if this helps, but my fingers just started typing.c J Flynn