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Creation of a company

Posted by DEAN-185206 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Myop - 16 years ago

If you are intending to give lessons in France then I think that would be "trading" in France. Billing from the UK doesn't matter. It's where the work (lessons) is carried out that counts.Go to the EU website (http://citizens.eu.int/en/en/gf/wo/fr/gi/29/giitem.htm) and you will see that entities carrying out business in any EU country "are subject to the same rules in the conduct of business as apply to nationals of the country in which you are carrying out your business activities.".So what's the advantage of setting up a UK business if its only purpose is to trade in France?. You will be presumed to be paying the same taxes, VAT, French social charges and other National Health payments, abiding by French labour rules, etc. etc. as the locals. And you have the added expense of having to manage a UK company as well!Some people do try but it doesn't seem worth it if you get caught. A document passed out at a recent Riviera British Chamber of Commerce meeting by a business lawyer says: "dissimulated work performed in France is punished by a 3-year imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros (Article l 324-9 of the French Labour Code)."No thanks!

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

The quick and dirty answer is:

If you're only marketing in France, you can get away with a (registered) laiason office.If you're trading in France, you need a registered commercial presence - which can be a Branch Office (succursale), a subsidiary or an independent agency. This will need to have the full SIRET, RCS, NAF what-have-you.Withour a SIRET number you'll probably be unable to open a business bank account, nor will you find it easy to do business with any state organ.**************