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Credit Card Theft- a warning

Posted by chas-193004 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by chas-193004 - 6 years ago

Realcooleo, I apologise for misspelling your name twice.Anyway the bank is still refusing to reimburse me so its now in the hands of a lawyer.

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Posted by chas-193004 - 6 years ago


I have done what you suggested and am now waiting for a reply from the bank.Thanks again.I will keep you posted.

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Posted by chas-193004 - 6 years ago

Thankyou Realcoolio so much for your help and your time.I will definately try your suggestion.

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Posted by realcooleo - 6 years ago

As far as I heard, it's a well-known and common fraud.
Banks also refuse immediately, that's also known.

Do not get intimidated. Not knowing the details of your situation and contract particularly, following would be my suggestion.
1. Write a LRAR (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lettre_recommand%25C3%25A9e_avec_avis_de_r%25C3%25A9ception_en_France&rct=j&sa=U&ei=m9U6T72aI4Ol8QP-5dnqCg&ved=0CBsQFjAB&q=LRAR&usg=AFQjCNHQ6q1NjJc2Rv8V0_nJIXht21Prfw">Lettre Recommandée Avec Avis de Réception)) to your bank with all which follows.
2. You should personalize the letter in the following link for your case:
(Right after "Mon courrier (dépersonnalisé) et les textes de loi :").

""Le DATE (the date of reception of refusal letter), je reçois un courrier de la direction (change with information of who sent you the letter) Prestations Clientèles et Qualité m'informant que la Banque XXXXXX ne considère pas sa responsabilité engagée en invoquant (put here the reason that the bank used to refuse) l'article 3.1 des conditions générales du contrat Porteur "CB" et qu'elle ne donnera par conséquent pas une suite favorable à ma demande de remboursement

Aussi je vous demande de bien vouloir intervenir pour que je sois remboursé des sommes débitées frauduleusement sous 10 jours, faute de quoi je serais contraint de saisir la juridiction compétente visant à obtenir ce remboursement forcé.

Je motive cette demande en vertu des conditions générales de fonctionnement de la carte bancaire (annexe 1), des articles L.132-3, L132-5 et L.133-19 du Code Monétaire et Financier (annexe 2) et d'une jurisprudence de la cour de cassation (annexe 3)

Vous remerciant par avance de l'intérêt que vous porterez à ma demande et de votre aide pour obtenir gain de cause et être rétabli dans mon bon droit,je vous prie d'agréer Monsieur, l'expression de mes salutations distinguées.

signé "Your name Family Name"

The rest in italic in the link should be copied/pasted as it is.

Print and attach additionally the page in the link

Attach also the copy of your "dépôt de plainte" at the police station.

3. Check here what the person nicknamed Leumas80 wrote (translated by machine):
"Hello, I work as an investigator in the banking industry. This scam is known to our services and unfortunately well known banks. An individual reference code of the CB on payment of the meal. Other individuals settle close to the victim and pretend to lunch (in most cases, they take a coffee or orange juice), then they meet the card and the code, while the victim continues to eat, the map is used to exorbitant amounts. This is a scam well established, highly organized, profitable and well, being committed by immigrants from the east (without denigration, do not worry), since at least the year 2000. bank is slow to pay, this is normal, there are plenty like you. But know that they are obliged to refund to you the fact that the code has been acquired unlawfully, and the card was stolen (in fact there had judgment for that but I do not remember references). Sometimes, two, one wonders who is the crook, the thief or the bank. In short, victims of such offenses should file a complaint at police, even though they think it does nothing. then, with the complaint, demand repayment of amounts collected. At worst, if no insurance was taken out, only the costs of opposition and possibly bank charges are borne by the victim. But hey, you should know that bankers are just like carpet dealers, if we do not negotiate, we get nothing. Good luck. "

I hope I could help.

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Posted by mds-191623 - 6 years ago

Just before christmas my friend got scammed at Carrefour Antibes. He did his shopping, paid, went back to his car, unloaded trolley, took trolley back. When he returned to his car a 'passer by' with an eastern block accent pointed out that he had a puncture, and was kind enough to help him change the wheel- whilst his associate took my friends' credit card out of his bum bag (which he had put on the seat). They had the pin number too- they must have followed him, maybe even from when he parked- to be sure they had time to puncture his tyre whilst he returned the trolley! they would have got the PIN from when he paid.

He didn't realise for a few hours either- but was totally reimbursed.

So beware!