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Damsel in distress

Posted by Brie-191824 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by reinrev5 - 16 years ago


If cleaning the filter doesn't work it will most probably be the solenoid controlled valve/tap. In this area with the high calcium content in the water this is generally the part that goes wrong first. As I don't know much about these things I generally note down all the details I can find about the machine and then go an buy a new one. With the new one in hand I then find the similar looking object and swap them over... maybe not very technical but it has been making washing machines work for me for years and years !


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Posted by Brie-191824 - 16 years ago

Mmmm not totally convinced that I have the ability to fix the washing machine myself, but will give a darn good try this evening after work and who knows!

Thank you for the advice, may owe both of you a drink if it works!




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Posted by Piscean007-190176 - 16 years ago

You will find an outlet tube behind the small door that Paul mentioned. It would be better if you first drain the water from the machine and then venture to open the filter. The filter is most likely clogged with fabric preventing the pump from flushing the water. Make sure you do not let the pump run dry ,trying your luck before clearing the filter. I am still recovering from having to replace the pump in my machine.

miles to go before I sleep

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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 16 years ago

I think its the outlet filter that's blocked.  You'll probably find this behind a small cover towards the bottom of the machine.  It will screw out.  If you take it out now, make sure you have a container nearby to catch as much as possible of the water that will come gushing out!

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Posted by Brie-191824 - 16 years ago

Thanks I appreciate your reply.

It doesn't have a power light, and it didn't finish its cycle.  It got stuck and I then moved it on and it continued to wash, but it then bypassed the empty/spin stage straight to the end.

It has an option to put on 'vidange' and nothing happens.  I started the wash again and that works fine, but it then either gets stuck prior to spin, or just finishes without emptying the water and spinning at all.

I just want to get my washing out!!!

What do you think?



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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 16 years ago

Did it finish the entire cycle?  Is the red power light still on?