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Dealing with calcium deposits in espresso machine

Posted by Paul_Ashton - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Paul_Ashton - 16 years ago

Many thanks for all the replies. It has been really great to get the tips. I have now used the vinegar and water idea and the espresso is now fine

Again, many thanks


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Posted by Jan-181414 - 16 years ago

Much quicker, safer and cheaper(only about 0.50 per litre), use white vinegar.

For the kettle. Pour in 1/2 bottle white vinegar and boil. If you have lime scale further up the kettle, top up with water and boil again. Empty out, rince, then boil with fresh water, and empty.
 Another way, If you have been squeezing lemons, place the skins in the kettle, top up with water and boil.

The white vinegar works the same way in the espresso machine, add to the water resevoir, top up with water and run the machine, then run through with clean water.

White vinegar also works well on shower heads. Pour some in a bowl, and place the shower head in for a couple of hours.

'anything for an easy life'

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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

Save yourself the hassle in future and only use filtered water. You can use a Brita filter or buy a more expensive (and more efficient) under-the-sink or sinktop unit. Dalton makes very good filters which are available in France if you look around.


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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

Détartrant pastilles made by (e.g.) Melitta, found in the "cleaning stuff" section of your local supermarket. Should save you having to buy a new kettle every year, too...**************