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Deblocking SFR Card

Posted by VirtualVoyager68-179852 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by jjmiller - 16 years ago

Here's where you can get the data cable for €8 and probably the software too:



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Posted by VirtualVoyager68-179852 - 16 years ago

Hi and thanks,

It´s a Sagem MX-3.



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Posted by jjmiller - 16 years ago

Unlocking you phone/Sim is easy. Depends on the type of phone you have. Some new phones you can do it remotely. Most you need to attach it to a computer and a software program does it for you. I'd call around to your local cell phone shops (not service providers like SFR, the shops that sell everything) and ask if they can unlock you perticular make/model phone. It should cost about 5-10 euros.

Another more expensive option is you can buy the software and cable and unlock it on your own computer.

And another is you can mail it to a person that unlocks phones.

When you goto Spain you should get a free/cheap phone with you plan, even if you dont use it you always have a spare.

What make and model is it? MOst new motorolas you can unlock remotely.

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Posted by VirtualVoyager68-179852 - 16 years ago

Hi all,

And thank you all for the feedback. We went to look for apartments in Spain back in March/April so I got hands on experience with the "blocked card".

MikeP is right one has to do a deblock as the SIM card is blocked.  I tried with a Telefonica card, and the phone was not very happy about it :-(.

Maybe this is not the case universally, but at least with SFR and going to Spain one will need to deblock the SIM card.

At least this has thaught me (shame on me LOL) to READ the small print on the box, and not listen to the otherwise nice sales person in "ye old mobile shoppe"...




The Short Viking

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Re. the last statement, in my experience,  if a phone is locked it is locked so that it will only work with its own SIM card - hence the expression SIM locked.

It will work in another country on another network with the original SIM card in place if roaming has been set up.  What you will NOT be able to do is, for example, go to Spain and put an Airtel card into it.

If anyone can prove me wrong I'd be delighted because I would no longer have to waste money having phones unlocked for use outside their own countries.


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Posted by d-181895 - 16 years ago

You should not need to de-block the phone. It is blocked for other french networks, but not for other countries.



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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago

You said in the title "deblocking SFR Card" but I'm guessing you mean to deblock the actual phone which is SIM-locked. 

There's a place in Cannes that does this for 20 Euros.  I don't remember their name but it is easy to see the shop if you stand at the very beginning of Boulevard Carnot and look across the voie rapide directly south.  You'll see the telecoms shop sign on the other side of the voie rapide on the right hand side of the road that goes down to the rue d'Antibes.

Otherwise, these people are REAL good in my experience but the cost/delay of postage may put you off.