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differences between renting furnished/unfurnished

Posted by calcalino - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by Carolina1 - 13 years ago

My parents are in an unfurnished house and their electric gates have stopped working, do you think they are responsible for the repair work?




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Posted by out to lunch - 14 years ago

If you rent furnished usually for a period of 12 months at the end of the let you can get the property back almost straight away or you can double the rent to whatever you like and if your tenant does not like it tough.You can rent to someone else who does.You basically have total control.The down side is if you have panicaty tenenants they can be a pain in the neck by phoning you every day to say the toilet seat is loose or the shower has come loose rather than get a screwdriver and fix it like any 7 year old.Also from a fiscal point of view you are worse off in what you can deduct when you make your declarion.

If you rent unfurnished it is for a period of 3 years.At the end of this period you can only increase the rent by an indexing system which is very small.What you cannot do is get your tenenant out to rent again to someone else for more.

You can of course after 3 years have your tenants put on to the street by way of eviction if you want the property back for either youself or any other member of your immediate family for their principle residence.The other way is to sell the property.The tenant however has first refusal to buy.

The main advantage of letting unfurnished is you really are only responsible for the structure and dont have to worry about appliances etc breaking down.You also deduct 15 of the gross rent automatically for wear and tear plus many other expenses.

I find letting out unfurnished generally hastle free and look upon it in the long term.

You maybe better off going through an agent where all references etc are fully checked and the contracts are all correct.This will hopefully weed out the tenants to be avoided.


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Posted by Jelly-193845 - 14 years ago


You could tentatively speak with an Estate Agent that will outline all your options. You don't have to use them. 

I believe that an 'Unfurnised' tenant has more rights than a shorthold 12 month 'Furnished' tenant. Also, if your tenant has children, then it can be very difficult to reclaim your property before the lease runs out. Children are very much protected in France, so you need to check out this area, and the rights of 'Unfurnised' tenants to decorate and furnish property.      

Good Luck