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Digital camera recommendations

Posted by Toasty-184393 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by lespalmiers - 16 years ago


I bought a Canon Ixus digital two years ago which was a tad pricey but is built like a brick outhouse, is small and I have taken over 1500 photos with as I carry it practically everywhere with me. (isnt that the idea?)

Go on, polish off the credit card and treat yourself, they are about 300 gbp and are high quality kit - Two things though - insist the dealer throws in a case and a long strap for around the neck as these aren't included otherwise . . . . . .

Happy snapping !! 

Regards, Les

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Posted by punc - 16 years ago

Toasty, I'd go with what the Old Brit says. 2.2 megapixels, optical zoom, rechargeable batteries, additional/high capacity card. Things are changing all the time. Do your research on the web, read reviews, compare prices make a shortlist, then go into somewhere like PHOX and handle the cameras, listen to the staff. And be prepared to add 50% to your budget cos they're bound to have the bees knees at about 200quid.


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Posted by Old Brit - 16 years ago

I bought a Minolta Dimage E203 (2.2 Megapixels). It cost £200 but I paid extra for rechargeable cells and a larger memory card so I'm not continually running back to the apartment to download the images to my laptop.You can see a review here:http://www.satcure.co.uk/mac/minolta.htmI ordered it through (I think) www.internetcamerasdirect.com which was the cheapest. Unfortunately they no longer have it in stock (but check) and I think it may be obsolete (typical - only had it 3 months!)I'm sure there are cheaper ones and you can get 2nd hand bargains but I doubt if you'll want anything less than 2 Megapixels for holiday snaps if you intend to print them. (If you don't intend to print them then 1.2 Megapixels will be fine for on-screen viewing).Above all, go by personal recommendation and ask about battery life. There are some real dogs about that eat batteries in minutes.

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Posted by Toasty-184393 - 16 years ago

Just good quality holiday snaps, that sort of thing.   With a good flash perhaps.   No extraordinary telescopic lenses needed or anything fancy.     I'd like to spend a max of £120 which would soon pay for itself in not having development costs.  Not too expensive, but avoiding the grainy effect of the cheaper, earlier models.  Or will this price only get me grains-R-us?



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Posted by punc - 16 years ago

Toasty, two considerations, budget and application. How much do you want to spend and what will you use it for?