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Digital Radio

Posted by Booinfrance - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Stoic Warrior - 6 years ago

Be careful - Internet radio is not "free" - and the data stream is not small ... depending on your how long you listen and the quality of the broadcast, you are talking GIGAbytes each month, not Megabytes. Almost all broadband services impose some cap you, and after that they WILL charge you ... be aware of your broadband deal and then look up your useage, e.g., here:
or another thread here:
or google it yourself -

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Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 6 years ago

The direct answer to your question is no, you will not be able to receive UK DAB radio in France as transmission is line of sight only.

What others are suggesting is internet radio, which allows you to pick up the live streaming from thousands of radio stations all over the world, and which connects to the internet via your router, either on wi-fi or with an Ethernet cable.

There are many such products available, one of the best is this :


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Posted by Booinfrance - 6 years ago

thanks Dido, will look into it

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Posted by dido-203783 - 6 years ago

I use a Pure Evoke Flow radio purchased in the UK. You set up your favourite stations on your computer and then chose what you want to listen to with the controls on the radio - all connected via my home wifi. You have access to hundreds of radio stations from all round the world.

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Posted by Booinfrance - 6 years ago

Thanks for your help

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Posted by 52xmax - 6 years ago

if you have a wifi internet access at home, you can buy a Logitech Squeezebox radio (from Amazon, etc) and get all the radio you want. Highly recommended !