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Dirty Pool

Posted by Andy G-190935 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Andy G-190935 - 16 years ago

Hi Carol,

I went to the pool shop last night and bought some of this magic solution. Apparently I am doing totally the wrong thing by running my filter and polaris. The guy told me to put this stuff in the pool, leave it to settle and then 'vacuum' it up from the pool floor. I was pleased to find that I do in fact have a vacuum cleaner thing - I just didn't know how to connect it up (it plugs into the skimmer!).

It's all very simple when you know how. Perhaps I could start a pool care business!


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Posted by CarolS-190027 - 16 years ago

Hi Andy

We have a horizonless pool so no cover either! our pool guy bought a solution to settle all of the sediment(sorry havent got the name of the solution) then let it settle overnight and has back washed it four times the pool looks nearly as good as new


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Posted by Andy G-190935 - 16 years ago

Thanks Nadia,

Yes I see there are others working on it. I just bought the house with the pool 'as is' and having never owned a pool before I am only now learning how to care for it.  I nearly emptied it accidentally and flooded the little pump room the other day after opening the glass leaf trap without closing the valves first. I had great fun madly turning everything off with one foot on the glass bowl and water spraying everywhere...

I don't have one of those 'vacuum cleaner' things either so I can't really leave the sand to settle. I have 'polaris' thing which moves about in there (although I can't see it anymore) but I think it's broken or at least has bits missing off it. I suppose I would have to have a cover specially made as the pool is not square but sort of 'lagoon shaped'. I hear though that even people who covered thier pools are having trouble as the weight of sand was so great...

I guess I will have to keep filtering and backwashing the filter at the end of each day.

Cheers, Andy

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Posted by NadiaG-192314 - 16 years ago


There is another thread on the subject titles saharan sand... and some people have offered their advice.

What I don't inderstand is why is your pool not covered during the winter months?