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Do I need to register a company in France?

Posted by MariaBr-192595 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

It's rather more complex than that.

Firstly: are you self-employed, or are you an employee of a company (which you may well own, but that's irrelevant)? Your posting is unclear.

Second: what will the nature of your activity in France be? If you are trading in France then either you or the company that employs you (depending on your answer to the question above) will almost certainly have a legal requirement to have some kind of legal presence/registration in the French system - either a branch office (succursale), a subsidiary or an agency if it's a company, or being personally registered in France if it's you alone. If you are engaged in "non-commercial" activities then the process may be somewhat simpler, but it may not...

In short: seek the advice of a professional who specialises in this area, such as an accountant with a service juridique or a notaire or avocat who deals with commercial registrations and cross-border inter-EU business.


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Posted by tkw - 16 years ago

You need to look up the double taxation treaties between France and Finland on your Finnish tax sites.

Normally a person who is getting paid in one country but stationed in another for more than 6months of a tax year should pay tax to the host country for the period when you are stationed and to the home country for the rest of the year. Social insurance though is paid (at least inside the EU) to the country you are being paid in (Finland). Tax is another matter because France has a wildly different tax system where you actually pay your tax the year following the year you earned the income.

I have tried this with Denmark to France and unlike to most other countries with France they have a weird agreement (the treaty hasn't been updated since the 1940's or so) where you actually end up paying your tax to Denmark but it is 50% of what you would normally pay. So in this case no reason to register in France. However in your case...I don't see why you should register your company in France, as financially it is your own company in Finland that has stationed you in France not the larger company you contract to.

Not sure how to access your medical benefits in France, I think you will need to bring your forms in to the local office of Assurance Maladie http://www.ameli.fr. The France tax website is http://www.impots.gouv.fr/