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do we become French residents??

Posted by HilaryAnn-193954 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

One problem with being resident in France is that you have to pay a wealth tax on your total wealth including foreign properties.

This is the reason many European people who have a private income become resident in Belgium or Switzerland, even though they may spend an awful lot of time in their second residence on the Cote d'Azur.

If you are not resident in France, you are not supposed to spend more than 182 days a year there.

If you are a couple, you are not obliged to both reside in the same country, so if one of you has the bulk of the wealth in their name, they could stay resident in the UK, and the other could be resident in France.

The authorites may have trouble strictly enforcing the 182 day rule, but they can look at the utility bills and deduce that you spend the whole year in France when you are both supposed to be resident in the UK.

It is best to go to an accountant and get them to calculate your tax and social security bill.  It will cost about 100-200 EUR but it is important to do it before making your decision.