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Does anyone Know?

Posted by Fancypaws - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Fancypaws - 16 years ago

Thank you LanaEvelyn Miller

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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

Many years ago after I met my former husband in the UK, we were advised by a US attorney to get married in the UK to save ourselves a lot of grief. He said that if we were married abroad everything would go smoothly, but if we chose to marry in the US we would be treated like criminals and could expect visits and interrogations from the immigration people, so we followed his advice and got married there. Afterwards he went for his interview at the US embassy in London where he was treated very well.

To my amazement, he was handed his green card right at JFK when we entered the country, so he was able to go out and start looking for work right away and we never had a problem. Needless to say, what with current US paranoia, this type of scenario has been relegated to the realms of fantasy. I do believe that the fact that you are already married and have been for some time should smooth the way.

It's a shame that people who are entering legally have to jump through hoops, while the estimates for illegal immigrants number around 3 million per year with around 500,000 of those settling permanently.


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Posted by Alison665 - 16 years ago

Actually, interestingly, I have dual citizenship and also have a Canadian passport which allowed me into the country with no visa at all.  So, no issues there!

Good luck with everything! 

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Posted by Fancypaws - 16 years ago

Just wanted to ask if you were on a visitors visa in NY or on a permanent visa,

Thanks for all your help - it sounds like a nightmare!

Evelyn Miller

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Posted by Alison665 - 16 years ago

Are you looking to get a greencard?  If so, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.  Nightmare!

However, I did it while residing in NYC and I would think that it would be less of a nightmare to do it via the American Embassy in Paris.  You're on target with your documents, but you need whatever the form is for an application for permanent residency (I've got some of the paperwork at home, I'll have a look for you...), plus if you are planning to go back and live and work, you'll want to get an EAD (employment authorization document) which they'll give you until the greencard application goes through.  For the Green card, you'll need  Affidavits of support (ie. that the American citizen can support the non-resident) which is basically to re-assure the US. government that you won't be going on welfare anytime soon.  Um.. What else, photos of yourselves together, wedding photos, etc... 

It might be worth hiring a lawyer - I didn't, I was a total disorganized mess the first time around and they rejected our application because they didn't believe that the marriage was real.  An immigration lawyer will know exactly what you need and often they have contacts within the INS which helps to facilitate the process - if you've got the cash, I'd strongly advise getting yourself one.

When we re-applied, we hired a (poor) lawyer and though there were plenty of hiccups, (like not being able to leave the country) I eventually got my greencard.  (and then broke up with my husband 3 months later!!!!)

Good luck - I have to say, I would not wish this process on my worst enemy - the way that I (we immigrants) were treated at INS in NYC was absolutely appalling - we were treated as though we were not worthy of any kind of respect.  I left that building several times feeling more 'postal' than a postman!!

Get a lawyer - that's my advice.