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Does Anyone Use Free Telecom?

Posted by cb-192369 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Doug-181340 - 16 years ago

Les is right. I can't speak from experience of other service providers (like Free), but Wanadoo pulls the plug on the DNS every 24 hours so you have to disconnect and reconnect. It's annoying, but they do this so that when you reconnect, you'll more than likely be allocated a new IP address. This prevents people from running servers from a cheap / domestic broadband service. If you want a fixed IP address and the benefits that brings, then you have to buy the Pro service - at a higher price of course.

Interestingly, it doesn't seem to actually disconnect after 24 hours, but just stops the DNS working. Presumably this is so that if you are in the middle of a whacking great download, it will continue, but as soon as you try and do anything new, you're in trouble.

I used to have the popular 'fish' style of ADSL modem but changed over to an all-in-one ADSL/firewall/router/wifi box thingy and this reconnects automatically. To all intents and purposes, the once-a-day bounce has effectively disappeared. There's still a break in service, but now it's effectively hidden. This ADSL gateway (Netgear DG824M) also enables you to sign up to DynDNS.org to get around the changing IP address problem, but I haven't tried that yet. If anyone else has, I'd be interested to hear their experience.



P.S. If anyone is using a Netgear 814 router, I believe there was a problem on them where they would 'crash' after the ADSL session disconnected - requiring a reboot. There was a firmware upgrade to fix it apparently.


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Posted by lespalmiers - 16 years ago

I was told that all ISP's running ADSL lines disconnect you once a day to stop you running a server from the same address, as you could with a permanent connection . . . . . .

this could be complete rubbish however . . . . . . :0)


Regards, Les

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Posted by irishman-180738 - 16 years ago

I used Wanadoo for ADSL in the Sophia area last year and I also experienced glitches with them. I've heard that some of France Telecom's routers are not running the latest firmware and this can cause problems on heavy usage. I believe that this affects all ADSL services (except maybe for degrouped exchanges).

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Posted by martinb-185976 - 16 years ago

I am using Wanadoo as a professional,(Online currency trading), have ADSL 1024 kb, since a year now.

Never had any problem with connection, even duriing the fires in the Var. Cost dropped from 85 Euros p. month to Euros 42,= and, after reading all the posts in this threat: It's worth it.

However, for questions: Be prepared to listen a fake version of 'Heroes' for minimum 5 minutes.


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Posted by irishman-180738 - 16 years ago

I've seen similar issues - usually always in the evening too.

Username/Password Server not responding

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Posted by Shanwick - 16 years ago

You are not alone.

In Roquefort les Pins I have the same problem.  I'm connteted 24 hours a day but during most evenings my connection drops offline.  It can usually be re-connected but occasionally I'm unable to connect for 15-20 minutes.

I would imagine it's due to the system being overloaded during peak times but I haven't contacted Free either.

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Posted by tkw - 16 years ago

Has anyone else noticed that the Free ADSL service seems to go down about once a day or every second day for about 5-10minutes? I guess it could just be my router, but once in a while I just loose the connection and the PPPoE can't reconnect for a few minutes. I haven't tried complaining to Free yet because I can't be certain its their fault, but if it happened to other people......?

by the way I'm in Antibes, so not degrouped yet...


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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 16 years ago

Unfortunately not, I'm in Vence, which is not yet degrouped.  I use them for ASDL though and don't have any complaints - the service level is good. 

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Posted by cb-192369 - 16 years ago

I'm in the centre of Nice so it's fine - have you used them?

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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 16 years ago

Sound like you are talking about the Freebox.  To be able to use this, you have to be in a 'zone degroupé'.  To find out if you're in a degrouped zone look here:  http://adsl.free.fr/degroup/