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Door stripping

Posted by brilboats - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by reinrev5 - 16 years ago

Your Jack the Stripper in France is listed by the action of doing:

"Décapage"(+ dégraissage) = Page 407 of the local "FT" Yellow Pages. The " " is for those who would write explaining that the Yellow pages and FT have nothing to do with each other but you know what I mean.  Décapage can be either sand blasting or dipping but generally tends to mean dipping.

"Sablage" (+ grenaillage, polissage, = Page 1093 of the "FT" Yellow Pages. "Sablage" is sand blasting.

Both systems can have their problems:- dipped too long and/or not fully neutralised can cause an old door to come apart at the joints and make it very difficult to redecorate. Sandblasted by someone who isn't an expert with either too much pressure and/or too coarse a grain of sand can cause a ripple effect in old softwood.

Suggestion: If your doors are of any value and you do speak a little french, ask a local "brocanteur" / antique dealer if he can recommend someone.



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Posted by Beach Bum - 16 years ago

Indeed there are a few. From what I understand about it, you take your door to them and they immerse it in some sort of stripping solution and it takes a couple of days. I think there is one in St Laurent de Var. What they are called in french .. dont know sorry!