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Double nationality

Posted by azurgirl - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by reinrev5 - 16 years ago


If your mother is French and you have done nothing about it, in France you are French no matter what other nationality you have. Even if you are over 19 and born in another country but France, it is too late to repudiate your French Nationality without going through hell and high water, and even then.....

The following are the first couple of paragraphs from the civil law book. If you want the rest, ask and I'll e-mail it to you.




De la Nationalité Française.


De Ia nationalité française d’origine.


Des Français par filiation.

Art. 18. (L. no 73-42 du 9janv. 1973)

Est français I’enfant, légitime ou naturel, dont I’un des parents au moins est français. — [C. nat. , art. 17].

Art. 18-1. (L. n° 93~933 du 22juilI. 1993)

Toutefois, Si un seul des parents est français, I’enfant qui n’est pas né en France a Ia faculté de répudier Ia qualité de Français dans les six mois précédent sa majorité et dans Ies douze mois Ia suivant.

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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 16 years ago

I had thought that Americans abroad only had to pay U.S. tax if their income was over a certain amount ($75,000?). Every American has to make a tax declaration though, no matter where he lives.Are there any other countries which tax on citizenship, rather than on residence? What about Canada and Australia?

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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

Don't worry, you won't lose you American nationality as it's almost impossible to lose it these days without marching into an American Consulate and throwing your passport at them--even then they'll want to know why. They're hungry for your tax dollars, so they won't let go without a fight ;-)

There was a thread on this subject several months ago with web links, etc., so do a search of the forum for more info.


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Posted by azurgirl - 16 years ago

thanks, Nadja!  I'm American...  anyone else with a hint??

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Posted by NadiaG-192314 - 16 years ago

If one of your parents is French then you can ask or French nationality. However whether you can keep your current one as well will depend on whether your country and France have signed an agreement. What is your nationality at the moment?

You can ask the consulate or Embassy of your country whether they have, and if taking the French nationality will compell you to abandon your current one. This is not applicable to EU citizens aho can always adopt both.

For some countries, you need to ask the French nationality when you're 16.  (There used to be military service implications, especially for boys)

Finally, you need to ask the Préfecture, they have a department called "service des étrangers", where the application can be obtained.

Best regards,