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E128....Medical treatment question

Posted by DaveL-185804 - Created: 14 years ago
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Quick question. I have a medical appointment, I dont have a card vital, but I do have an E128 form from the UK.

Does anyone know the process when I present the E128 after treatment. Is the:

1. Fee waived for me and the UK pays ?
2. I pay and claim back ?
3. I pay a percentage of the treatment costs ?
4. None of the above ?

Any advice appreciated.

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Posted by DaveL-185804 - 14 years ago

Excellent advice, thanks a lot.

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Posted by gerbil-194494 - 14 years ago

The E128 will entitle you to the same benefits as a French national gets from the French health service in the same way an E111 does for a tourist.You will have to pay for the consultation. Get a form from the doctor confirming the payment you have made and take it and the E128 to the Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie (CPAM). They will re-embourse you 70% of the tariff (e.g. 70% of 20€ for a consultation with a normal doctor; 70% of 25€ for a specialist consultation); if the doctor charges more, you will still only get 70% of the tariff not 70% of what you paid. For any prescribed medicines you will need to get a receipt from the pharmacist and take that to CPAM. The repayment varies (30-60% ?) depending on the medicine prescribed.If you wait and claim in the UK I think they will send the forms to France to get the money for you from CPAM and then pay that to you when it eventually arrives from France. You will not get 100% of the costs using either method. Hence the need for separate health insurance.gerbil