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Easyjet additional baggage weight warning.

Posted by thinklucky - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by ESS-209984 - 8 years ago

We have been known to fly over as well just for the day to get the extra baggage allowance. If you book up well in advance the cost can be minimal.

With you on the BA flights though - we have just upgraded one to club class at a cost of 59 euros

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Posted by Gravis-247529 - 8 years ago

Hi thinklucky, yes I can imagine it was stressful repacking at the airport, have done it myself also :) I'm assuming your son was traveling alone? as with EJ they do allow you to pool your baggage allowance, so if 2 people were traveling their allowance would be 20kgs each (total 40kg) and if one of the travelers luggage weighed only 18kg then the remaining accompanying traveler would be allowed 22kgs. It does also depend on how full the flight is - I have at times managed to check-in with overweight luggage with no extra charge. For those who are interested, here is a link to Easyjet's baggage allowance policy http://www.easyjet.com/en/planning/baggage.html

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Posted by Crossfamily-289915 - 8 years ago

This is now a tactic being used by alot of airlines (Qantas & Japan Airlines) now not just budget airlines, it is designed to reduce the amount of bags to be handled (plus also to make some extra $$). Basically if you arrive at the airport with 2 x 10kg bags it is considered 2 bags and you will be charged for the "extra" bag rather than if you had just 1 bag weighing 20kgs you are ok. I know it seems odd but some people arrive with 2-4 small bags so more work is involved at check-in and by handlers etc. Cannot say I agree but that is the reason.

Hope the above explains a little further

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Posted by daveemitchell-307467 - 8 years ago

An even cheaper/easier method is to use a courier to deliver the extra luggage. I've just had 6 suitcases from the midlands to Antibes for £110! About 100kg in total! use www.anyvan.com and you will get the companies bidding for your job! My job started at £350 and bidded down £110.

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Posted by thinklucky - 8 years ago

Appreciate the advice, but I'd take my hat off to you if you got through Nice airport security controls wearing a Desktop comp, monitor together with a 1.2m long design model on you and pass it off as clothing or body wear accessories - If anyone decides to try it let me know, I want to witness it.

I did work with some design students in East London once on a project to design EasyJet Wear - best submission involved a multipocketed long coat with train involving wheelie pockets to its base.......I'm sure theres a market for it!

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Posted by drachenland - 8 years ago

...with air berlin you only get 6 kg! And I managed by wearing everything on me!!!

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 8 years ago

In contrast to BA, where when you add an extra bag, you get an extra 23kg, for around 30 euros if I remember.
For anyone needing to transport a large amount (e.g. moving house, university etc), I would recommend looking for when you get cheap BA business class flights. On BA, in business, you get 2 bags as standard, and note - each of these can be 32kg. Officially, bags over 23kg (up to 32kg) are classed as overweight and you would pay more. But BA give this over-weight allowance free if you are business class. On BA, you can take 2 bags on-board - one of these can be a small suitcase as usual (effective unrestricted weight like EJ), but also a smaller bag (e.g. laptop bag).
In summary, on BA business, you get 64kg of check-in, and 2 bags of hand-luggage. Often you get the chance to upgrade an economy flight for around 125 euros. The cost of this will be cheaper than going EJ, if you need to transport this amount.