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Posted by Miss Varna - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

I have used ebay UK to buy and sell and although initially cynical I was most impressed with how well it worked.  Most of the buyers and sellers are honest as they are protective of their ratings, and I've had no problem.

I looked at the French site and it is too complex for my poor brain,  plus the language problem,  and then I don't particularly want to buy from or sell to French people anyway as based on my experiences of buying and selling a couple of things locally they seem to be total time wasters, hagglers, and unable to make a decision.

Be wary however of firstly the type of scams that Clan MCN mentioned, and also people who contact you via the site and offer to buy/sell directly and not via the site, to 'save' the EBay or PayPal fees.  They are crooks and if they are willing to ripoff Ebay they will rip you off too.  Needless to say most of them are from West Africa and many operate the 'bankers draft' fraud method.

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Posted by Miss Varna - 15 years ago


sorry I have expressed myself not clearly, I know that a bank transfer is virement bancaire, I was wondering what that system of payment is called @ ebay - I have found it now, they call it "virement express".

Thank you very much for the various links regarding the shipping fees. I had recently looked but I had found another site that was much more complicated to read, so you were of great help to me. Thanks!

I want to sell my pulse watch (also advertised here in the Bring & Buy section ;-) and few X-Box games, i.e. nothing too difficult to ship. I could also look what other sellers @ebay ask in terms of shipping fees for the same items. The colissimo recommandé definitely makes sense for ebay, thus you also have a proof in your hands.

@Clan MNC: That e-mail you received does sound like fraud indeed. In such cases I would have contacted ebay to see if it was really them who sent out that e-mail. Such things do happen, unfortunately, but then again think of all the million transactions that are done every day without any problem. But I have heard that ebay's customer service is not very good in such cases :( Was your password easy to hack, did you change it regularly?


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Posted by Clan MCN - 15 years ago

Just a word of warning regarding eBay...

I received an email from them recently informing me that my account had been used fraudulently and that unless I Supplied them with my credit cards detsils 'as verification' of who I was they would suspend the account.  Warning bells rang and I ignored it, deciding that if this was the case I would just close the account and open another.  It turned out that the email was from the fraudsters themselves trying to get access to my credit card!!

They were using my ID to sell stolen goods, taking the money and even sometimes not sending them out.

eBay were symapthetic - luckily nothing happened as I ignored the mail - and said 'they did everything they could to avoid such matters occuring' but I have closed the account and the PayPal account for safety.

It is a shame, as I had been using eBay for months and bought many items but now I won't trust the site again.

I guess you just have to be very careful all the time.

Shame :(

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 15 years ago

Bank transfer is called "virement bancaire"

For delivery costs you have a hundred options.  If your French is up to it, traverse this site of La Poste for all the simple and not so simple options and prices.  Otherwise, I would say just go into the Post Office and ask for a pamphlet with parcel prices.  Ebay also offer a few ideas on delivery costs here but they are just a few examples.  Most people in France expect "Colissimo Suivi" for an eBay purchase.

What sort of articles do you see yourself selling?

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Posted by Miss Varna - 15 years ago

I forgot, ebay.de seems to have the same system for bank transfers, called "Kaufabwicklung". How is it called it French? I hadn't found it on the pages yet...

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Posted by Miss Varna - 15 years ago

Thank you so much, legend! Your reply is utterly helpful.

I am a newbie to ebay in general, never used it - neither here nor in other countries. My French should be well enough to understand, I have been looking on the pages a lot recently. I just wanted to see what practical tips others can give me. The one with the bank transfers was extremely helpful as I was wondering what payment terms to choose. In Germany they are just about to introduce paypal @ ebay but you need to have at least X positive feedbacks before you can use this service - so this would not aplly to a newbie like me.

It is right that the volume here is much smaller than on other countries, but for the items I have observed the sellers achieved much higher prices than in Germany, for example - which is why I want to give it a try.

How do you calculate the shipping fees?


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 15 years ago

Hi Miss Varna - I see you have explicitly said ebay.FR so I'wondering if perhaps you know the .com (US) or .co.UK or .de sites and you are now interested in France?  Or are you a complete newbie to ebay altogether?

I use ebay in France and it works just as well (technically) as the other sites.  Your ID (and banking/payment details) are the same throughout the world as well as your Passport if you use that for other services.  This is the same way Amazon functions which is really nice for those of us who have roots in one locale but are living/operating in another.

To use ebay.fr you really need to understand written french.  As a buyer you need to get used to the ton of special abbreviations such as the redundant "vds" for "for sale in the 1st person present tense" - like we didn't know it was for sale!! and a whole lot more that any newspaper reader would know e.g. tbe, bb, K7, part. etc.....

As a seller you need to register with an authenticated ID - that means trusting ebay with your credit card details in advance (immediate) or else using the paper ID/letter route which takes a week or so to set up.

As in the world over, ebay.fr prefers Paypal for settlement but the really nice thing that is additional in France (at least I never saw it elsewhere) is that the seller can pre-register his/her banker's details so a purchase can be settled by bank transfer.  France is really quite advanced in this area and almost everyone has access to Internet home banking and free inter-bank transfers with a standardised RIB format.  So you as seller can encourage immediate cost-free settlement, and therefore expedite the goods the same day.

Happy e-baying!

Overall ebay works very well inFrance but is still a lot smaller in volume than the comparably sized market of UK or Germany.

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Posted by Miss Varna - 15 years ago

Erm, I know how to get to the site and I do know how to log on, BUT I'd appreciate more practical info - what payment methods do you use, what are the pros and cons of them, and how do you find out how much shipping will be for the goods you are selling? I looked on the laposte.fr site but their price list is a little incomprehensible :-(

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Posted by richardsparks - 15 years ago

I sell and buy things  on EBAY and the process is simple! Just dial  ebay on

ebay (use lower case is fine). I f  you cp,e up with American site scroll

down to ebay fr.(france) and you'll be  right place!

It will take you a while to get the log and pass-word out  of the way

but once you do  you're in  like fllin..

Just don't lose you log on information!

I'ts a nice   day and you have fun.......

For more information e-mail  me at (sparks@kdsi.net)