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EDF Bill!

Posted by MAGEE-194093 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by simonwynne - 16 years ago

We use the oil filled regulated portable heaters...also using timers on them help...also using the washing machine after 11 pm at night on cheap rate....still it does seem on the expensive side with the edf..Simonice

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Posted by kjlag-193902 - 16 years ago

You may want to consider going onto the EDF we page at www.edf.fr

and open up an account using the reference number from your bill.  That way you can tell which tarif you are on.  It may be that you are on a high tarif depending on the number of appliances you use.  They can also make some suggestions (in French of course) on how to lower your bills. You can also change your details etc and know when your next bill will arrive, and probably although I have not tried it find out how much you will owe by then.

If your French is not up to much, do what I do, log onto the following web page.


and cut and paste from the edf page and get translations, it all makes sense really.

Good luck


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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 16 years ago

If you've got electric heating - could you have had it on longer this winter - it's been quite an extendedly cold winter/spring - still got our heating on.  We use oil and our oil delivery which should have lasted until around April, ran out in February !  Electric also runs the boiler.

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Posted by Groovychick-193736 - 16 years ago



Yes ours was about double the norm. - whereabouts are you?