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EDF pilote fuse tripping for no apparent reason - any advice ?

Posted by AC7 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by edgard-323439 - 5 years ago

if i where you I will not take the risk , this is electricity , maybe you need to upgrade your connection.

some old elec has no ground or earth . just my opinion .

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

4-got to mention, have never heard of a edf pilote fuse or seen one, have you asked them, if it has there name on it they should be the ones you are contacting

How do you know  your water heater is not on when it happens? No matter if you are not using it, it will still turn on to regulate the temp. there is alot of calcium in the water here and purchasing the wrong type, the elements will corode very quick. I have seen 30cm of calcium flakes in a 2 year old heater that was tripping the fuse every other time it came on.

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

B4  you pay these over the top prices electricians charge, have you thought of using an extension cord for your freezer to another zone? Sounds like when s-thing turns on, it is tripping the circuit. could be the freezer.

could also be animals and/or bugs. it is ant season.

could be a faulty and/or defective fuse (breaker) or to small of one.

you can trouble-shoot just as well as an electrician, w-out paying the price