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Effective way to get some clients?

Posted by Ghene - Created: 14 years ago
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I have been making some studies on an effective ways to attract clients. And I think I still have much to learn. I make websites and software solutions and finding the right person to talk for propositions to needs a lot of patience. Advertising? I have thought of that already, website? I have it, sales/marketing employee? I have to think about it.

I know angloinfo has more business men and women around to read this and hopefully give me some advice. I'll be looking forward to hearing you all. Thank you!

- The Sexy Little Mushroom -

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Posted by me_2003 - 14 years ago


this market(websites) is crowded fully of people that give bad services...

i know of one guy that has made it big and got an amazing reputation for his servies...

the way he did it was by networking and building a good name it is a very slow process... 

if you met your customers needs you name and reputation will grow and it should be a snowball effect...



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Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - 14 years ago

I could be wrong, ( often are just look at the spelling ) but it sounds like you are looking at people who work on commission basis, so one way to get them intersted is if your product is proven to work for them they pay you if not......well nothing ventured etc

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Posted by Ghene - 14 years ago

Thank you for your reply (even you legend :-) ) Any more? hehehe- The Sexy Little Mushroom -

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Posted by Ghene - 14 years ago

I am targeting firstly the small and medium size businesses in France, like estate agents, yacht brokers, travel agents, etc... I understand their needs, for the estate agents I have ideas and solutions to make them sell more.

My problem is for this type of client, I do not know how to approach them. In what way I can reach them? I'd love to give them a call, present myself and my products like the same old fashion way and i've tried it and just doesnt work.


- The Sexy Little Mushroom -

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Posted by Ghene - 14 years ago


The Sexy Little Mushroom name was approved already by my online pals. And I kinda like the way it soundz and for me and it like it when they call me shrooomy when they want something heh

I think it's a cool nick name :-)

- The Sexy Little Mushroom -

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Posted by Aroncb - 14 years ago

Hi Ghene,

It would help if you mention who your target clients are.  Are you going after consumers?  Small business? Medium to Large Corporates? 

The approach will differ for each.  EG advertising to get a hand full of responses from a large corporate makes less sense than advertising mass to get a mass market response from consumers.

You have the right approach already. Study - Study and more study.  No body has a golden bullet response for this one.  Try a method/review adjust repeat with difference.  Compare to previous results.  Iteration after iteration.  Try an Ad in local papers?  Any response?  No move on... 

Of course I have several methods of my own I use to to gain clients in biz simialr to yours.  But alas can't be giving away the crown jewels so cheaply. :-)

Happy studying.


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

problem?  what problem?

Just let yourself be known more widely as "Sexy Little Mushroom" and you'll attract hordes of clients.

hmmmm - this conundrum really stretched my cultural diversity.  Somehow "sexy petit champignon" just doesn't have the same "cachet" as it does in English.  What do you think AngloInfoers?  Would it be better is she were to call herself "chanterelle" instead?

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Posted by me_2003 - 14 years ago

what is the real problem?,sorry the text above is not so clear!

do you need more customers for your services?

what are you looking from this post?