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electricity problem

Posted by lynnettejane - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by arts-200044 - 13 years ago

Watts and Voltamps are NOT the same. They are only the same if the Power Factor is 100% (which it never is)the unit for true power is Wattsthe unit for apparent power is Voltampsthe formula is:Power Factor(%) = True power (watts)/apparent power (voltamps)

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Posted by lynnettejane - 13 years ago

Thankyou for all of your replies, but what we need is an electrical wholesaler, does anyone know one in Nice? The transformers in question are 50watt max with 35 watt lamps on each transformer, not over loaded, we think they are of a cheaper type.regards Lynnette

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Posted by Φ - 13 years ago

Yes, TonyP and Sam are right, a Watt is exactly the same as a Volt-Ampère (VA)

Its a French thing, since André-Marie Ampère was French. Alessandro Volta was Italian.

James Watt earned his reputation for developing the steam engine, but he died a couple of generations before electricity was exploited.  The British Association gave his name to the unit of electrical power (the VA) more than 60 years after his death.

Incidently, in French, the driver of an electric tram or train is the Wattman


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Posted by Sam the clam-189505 - 13 years ago

Any branch of a M. Bricolage type DIY store will stock the transformers you are looking for. Be sure to follow TonyP's advice on obtaining the correct wattage for the bulbs you have installed.

Incidentally, Power (watts) = Volts x ampères

So, Yes, a watt and a volt-ampère are one and the same.



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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 13 years ago

quote:W for Watts is often written VA in French.

Actually, VA = Volt-Amperes which is not the same thing as W = Watts.

... in case anyone is interested :-)


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Posted by lynnettejane - 13 years ago

This problem is persisting with us not knowing where to go to buy the transformers, please help!!!regards Lynnette

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Posted by simonwynne - 13 years ago

Tranformers for those kind of spots, I recently replaced a set with just straight transformer-less spots that fitted in the same holes.... also had to replace some french wiring.... 

Simon Templer

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Posted by pepe-189761 - 13 years ago

I think it unlikely to be rats in ceiling voids but, especially if in rural location, loires, which are small chipmunk like nocturnal animals with bushy tails, like a small squirrel. These are certainly a menace within the house and managed to chew the insulation right off the incoming mains cable in my sous-sol.

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Posted by lynnettejane - 13 years ago

rats!! blimey, well my husband has pulled the transformers down which exposed a fair amount of wiring with no evidence of anything chewed, so hopefully they are not the problem, wouldn't we hear them scurrying around?-please say yes, as we haven'tregards Lynnette

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Posted by Rocher-197160 - 13 years ago

I've also come across a few cases of rats in the ceiling ducts chewing through the wires to these lights.

Just another possibility....