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English speaking teenager into French school?

Posted by st-187981 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by st-187981 - 13 years ago

Thanks, Karen, Mat and Touneboy, for your advice.st

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Posted by karen.snooke - 13 years ago

Hi Tris ,it is nice to hear you have come out of the situation well , and speaking French fluently , this helps alot with the decision we made , knowing our 4yr old daughter will be the same . I was actualy pulled to one side by a helper at school yesterday and told that she was speaking french extremely well at the moment , i'am so pleased .We , as parents have these decisions to make for our young children and don't know if they are right or not , but obviously , they are . Thankskaren snooke

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Posted by touneboy - 13 years ago


Well I couldn't speak French until the age of three. I was sent to the maternelle without understanding a single word of French. Now, there is no doubt my French is far better than my English...unfortunately...


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Posted by karen.snooke - 13 years ago

Hi , I have put a 4yr old and a 10 yr old into French school , the 4 yr old is doing well , the 10 yr old not too bad , but not good either , she is having to repeat a year because she didn't know enough French to go to the college with the others , and they thought she may struggle , they are now giving her extra French lessons once a week 1 hr , to help her , we did try private lessons but she just kept messing around so it was costing us money for nothing , we have been here for 10 months now and are far from fluent , but each child is different at learning . We also have a 14 yr old son who we decided it would not be fair to put into French school , he is in the last couple of years which are fairly important and didn't want to put him further behind by making him learn a new language to understand what he was being taught , because by then he would have missed a lot of work , anyway we decided to get him a home study course sent from England (NEC COURSE ) which he does everyday . I wish you well with whatever you decide to do .karen snooke

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Posted by mat-196270 - 13 years ago

A friend's son from London put his 13 yo into the college in fayence a while ago and everything went realy well.He did understand a little french when he arrived and took a couple of weeks to adapt. He finished the entire english workbook for the year in one weekend then took extra french instead of English lessons and hey presto after six months was fluent in French, actually studied grammar and thoroughly enjoyed his stay.The most tiresome part was the enrolement beauracracy (where have I heard that before?) passports, "certificat de scolarité" (what's that?) electric bills, authorisation this, authorisation tha,t I shall not continue. He then went back to London with fluent French which was the only subject in which he was a bit lacking and is noww trying to convince his parents to move here with brother, sister and dog.