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Entitlement to French NHS Care

Posted by bigjohngid-187913 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Me0wP00-182715 - 16 years ago

Newcastle will tell you that an E121 or E106 for that matter too, will entitle you to health cover of which a french national receives, so e.g 70% refunded for Docs visit so you pay 30%, between 35 and 65% of your medicine costs refunded etc etc

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Posted by Mike V-188564 - 16 years ago

This site looks useful and probably reasonably accurate. At any rate it's worth a read.

Mike V

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Posted by wendy-179831 - 16 years ago

Hi bigjohngid

Some info on French health insurance and local contact details for further info are on this page here:


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Posted by dumbo-186130 - 16 years ago

I would really check out my facts here.  If everyone in the UK, retired, over the age of 60 could get 100% free health care in France then I guess the NHS would send everyone retired, over the age of 60 to France for treatment.

You might find that you will be reimbursed 100% of what the NHS deems to be the cost of the health care you enjoy in France, which might not be what you actually pay. 

I really don't know about this subject, but, from experience, I would really get down to the nitty-gritty and find out what 'free' really means.

Why not try something out and see what happens?  Let us know how you get on so that we can all get our parents over here for health care.

Good luck!


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Posted by bigjohngid-187913 - 16 years ago

Dear Coutiot,

Many thanks for your reply. Since posting the message onsite we have been in touch with the Social Security, Swansea and they have confirmed that form E121 entitles both spouses for free health care as long as one, at least, is drawing their Retirement Pension.

It would therefore, it seems, be prudent of me to keep in with the 'misses' until I reach 65.

Once again many thanks for troubling to reply.

John Gidman


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Posted by courtiot-185037 - 16 years ago


If you are receiving the state pension (age 65 years for a man) from the UK you will get free health care for both of you in France.  If your wife is 60 and you are younger you will still BOTH get the free health certificate from the UK.


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Posted by bigjohngid-187913 - 16 years ago

Hi Charles,

I thank you for your reply.  I was given to understand that a UK citizen receiving a State Pension was only required to obtain either forms E121 or E106 to be entitled to free health care.  Indeed, if the wife is over 60 and the husband, as yet, was not receiving a State Pension, free health care is available to both husband and wife.  Your comments will be greatfully appreciated.




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Posted by charles-188323 - 16 years ago

Sorry, but the information you have been given is very far from true.