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Posted by sunnyw - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by simonwynne - 16 years ago

Just an idea and suggestion, try going into the microsoft site and let

it look at your pc, the site normally tells you whats missing and updates

are all free.


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Posted by sunnyw - 16 years ago


i cant open any text/wordpad attachements as the message says"The performed and illegal operations and windows will be shut down,In case of problem contact your vendor".

How does one sort this problem out?

thansk in advance for all your help


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Posted by JohnD-185075 - 16 years ago

Try this (assuming Windows XP, might be slightly different for other versions of Windows):1. Open the Find Files dialog (by holding down the Windows key and pressing f).2. Search for a file called excel.exe. Make sure that in the bit where it says "Look in" that you have selected "Local Hard Drives". Click Search, and wait while it performs the search.3. If it finds the file, it will become visible in the "Search Results" section. Right-click it, and choose Send To | Desktop (create shortcut). Now you will have a link to Excel on your desktop.4. If it didn't find the file, then you probably don't have Excel installed on your PC any more, and you should call the people who repaired it and ask for an explanation.

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Posted by sunnyw - 16 years ago

thanks but cant locate excel still





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Posted by NH-189638 - 16 years ago

Before you go looking for a MS Office disk, you may still have Excel installed on your PC and just the excel Icon has been removed. To verify, go to the Start button, select the 'Run' option and type in excel. If it is installed on your PC excel will open.

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Posted by sunnyw - 16 years ago

thanks for the reply and help.

I dont seem to have the MS office disc ,where can I get one from?

also when i try to open my notepad / documents there is a message which says "This performed an illegal operation.This will shut down please contact your vendor". How can I rectify this as well??

thanks again genius

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Posted by Piscean007-190176 - 16 years ago

I am afraid you may have to reinstall Excel software from the MS Office CD . Uninstall first and then go ahead and install Excel again.

The recovery disc only contains your operating software.

You will need to make sure that the version that you reinstall is not lower than the one you  had lest you have difficulty in opening the excel files that you have already saved.

All the best

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