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expensive france

Posted by lynnettejane - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Ron Geary - 11 years ago

But is it all that expensive when you are living where you choose to live?

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Posted by linda frobisher-239126 - 11 years ago

I see that this thread goes back for 5 years so things have changed, but on balance I don't think France is that expensive. It becomes expensive if you are converting Pounds or Dollars to Euros or you are a tourist. But if you live here, know where to go and earn Euros it's not so bad. I live in Beaulieu and also have a house in England. Believe me, the running cost of my villa here are far less than my house in England. Food costs here are also far less. The only fly in the ointment is that part of my business is in the States and the earnings are in dollars and the exchange rate is pretty poor at the moment, but, it is improving.Linda.

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Posted by juliannewblue - 11 years ago

France is not crazy expensive everywhere. If you stick to the riviera in summer, you're bound to have some bad surprises financially speaking.A lot of people claim the euro has made some damages and is responsible for the rising prices.Well, I live in Cannes and a lot of us go to Italy to eat the same stuff as here, except that it's much cheaper, sometimes half the price.The South of France in general is pricey, because they know that they can charge more. That's it.Then of course, adopting the euro has made a few damages, but like in many European countries. Italy had a different system before and a pretty bad one. So they fought to get the euro and they had to greatly sanitize they financial situation. After that, things weren't as bad as for France. Long story.But in the end, you always find tricks to live well and happy here on the Riviera. But if really you can't bear it, try regions like Cantal (same name as the cheese). Everything is much cheaper and very charming there. Not as fabulous, but still very nice and cheesy. LOL Hehehe!It's like spending some vacation in the Hamptons. Don't expect to find lunch for $4.50 there, when they sell lobster salad for picnics, at $90/lb. LOL

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Posted by C J Flynn - 16 years ago

quote:(2) Americans, usually a pretty reliable source of tourism for the South of France, are largely absent this year. It seems the natural follow-up to pouring French wine down the toilet and re-christening "freedom fries" was to refrain from visiting France this summer for a certain part of the American nation.id=quote> = Seems like this is pointing at the wrong target. Those who were throwing away wine and gorging themselves with 'freedom frites' were not likely the type to fly to france and blow a bunch of cash dining out anyway. They, and 90% of the country, are in the group of people affected by a 25% drop in the value of their currency and the effect of millions of people laid off and not able to get work. Don’t expect them back next year either.On the topic of cheaper, I think that there is a bit of inflation and a bit of deflation, depending on the month and where we buy and what we are buying. Ignoring the cost of eating out, which has too many variables, I think things are pretty much the same as they were two years ago. Gas a little higher, khakis a little lower, cheese and bread, payage and bottled water, coffee machines, toasters and light bulbs about the same. C J

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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

I must say for the ultimate in over pricing though St Trop has to take the biscuit -  Charging up to 20-25 euros for a beer is just silly.... 

It amuses me that although the tables outside these places are full - Look at what people are drinking - You'll mostly see tables of 6-8 people with only 2 or 3 with drinks....    Talk about the way to kill a party.... 

Anyway bang next to the VIP bar in St Trop is a little Bar/restaurant with Spanish/mexican kind of style that charges a reasonable 5 euros for a beer -  True the view ain`t great - but lets face it in St Trop everyone is people watching and not there for the view... 

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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 16 years ago

I noticed that it seemed quite quiet (July 8-17) and some restauranteurs were complaing that it was calm even for Grand Prix week. f so, maybe French restaurateurs should look to their laurels, the world is a small place and no-one likes to feel ripped off.

While nobody is going to deny that prices in the Eurozone has creeped up in the conversion to Euro due to rounding up, a couple of other things happened in the world that may have affected the decline in tourism in the French Riviera this year:

(1) You may have noticed that the world is pretty much entirely in or near recession. And people tend to cut back on vacation budgets when they are out of a job and/or fear for their financial security. It is quite normal that especially high-budget escapades like the Grand Prix weekend should be the first to get the axe.

(2) Americans, usually a pretty reliable source of tourism for the South of France, are largely absent this year. It seems the natural follow-up to pouring French wine down the toilet and re-christening "freedom fries" was to refrain from visiting France this summer for a certain part of the American nation.



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Posted by WelshNotEnglish - 16 years ago


South of France definetly doesn't win hands down... just depends at what stage of life you're in and what your priorities are.

Good point, jmroberts. I think I, personally, came out here too early as I'm still on the first rungs of the career ladder, so my priorities are completely different to what they'll be in 10, 20, 30 years' time.

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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 16 years ago

Things in Europe have become more expensive however the biggest difference, is that things that were expensive before the changeover, are now even more expensive.

Ive recently renewed my subscription with the tennis club here in Monaco and as i had a 3 year one before, i hadnt paid in Euros for it however it seems to have gone up by about 10% because of the Euro! Its mad although suprisingly, its still cheaper than London.

If you want to talk about expensive pricing, talk about London compared to Monaco and France. For drinks, food, and clothing, Europe, or rather France and Monaco, is considerably cheaper

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Posted by jmroberts-180597 - 16 years ago

It all depends how much you earn. It's very expensive for someone on a French salary.

Sure, the lifestyle is good here, but it's not all honky-dorey. Try find something half-decent to rent on a French salary.

You also can't compare London to here, you could compare London to Paris (that would be a bit more realistic).

FYI: Someone who does the same job as someone in Paris but works down here will earn less and pay just as much for rent, etc... I even know people who say they spend more down here than in Paris (no adequate public transport here so they use their car more, etc...)

Thing is, people who come down here from Paris, for example, do so to have a better life style (no rat-race, less traffic, less concrete, etc...) and they are willing to take a salary cut to enjoy the south of France.

It's all a mater of life-style, not cost of living. You come here, you pay more and you earn less (if you're French), but you have a better life-style. That's it.

Disadvantage is that you career goes down the drain as this is not a big city so there are less opportunities (and less ineteresting jobs), hence less competition so lower salaries + companies play on the fact that you should earn less to have the priviledge to live down here.

South of France definetly doesn't win hands down... just depends at what stage of life you're in and what your priorities are.

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Posted by Andrew.Wilk - 16 years ago

The Cote d'azur is for those who aspire to the best, which as in everything includes the rich, but by no means all. How much did Elton pay for that view over Nice ? £10m? £20m? I enjoyed it for 1.20 euro courtesy of the 14 bus to Mont Boron.

Some things are costly in France but not modest housing. In London almost anything above a rabbit hutch will cost you £250,000 - now tell me the cost of living is dearer in France?

And have you seen what a human zoo London is now? Thanks, but La belle France wins hands down.

Still, a moan is still free anywhere in the world.