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Experience? Your opinion?

Posted by veroniek-192657 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by selkie-187145 - 12 years ago

We've used BEP several times to find places. Its not so handy for larger places - 3 beds+ because there are fewer of these around anyway around but there are always loads of studios and one and two bed places.The huge advantage is not having a huge honoraire to pay to the agency on top of the 2 months caution and first months rent and the rents tend to be cheaper.Plus some landlords prefer to rent particulier a particulier and keep agencies out of the deal.So its a gamble of about 150 euros which can pay off or not- it depends on the availablity of the type of property you are after and how much effort you can put in to phoning and going to the office -although the last time we used BEP last year there was an online search system which made things easier.I haven't had poblems with out of date listings - although the ones advertised in the newspaper under BEP will almost certainly be out of date because there is a very fast turnover of properties.If you don't speak much french it is probably not much use - although I spoke practically no french when we first used BEP and i managed to find somewhere.Alison

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Posted by Ron Geary - 12 years ago

I also got burnt with one of these "pay up front" scams. I looked at places that I would not have kept a group of rabid rats in. My advise. Don't do it.

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Posted by johnsimon2007 - 12 years ago

Hello everybody.

I'd like to tell my pleasant experience with Logiazur :

Indeed, I was just arrived from Paris without job with a dream to leave Paris to live on the French Riviera.

I found an advertisment on TopAnnonce about a one room flat at an acceptable price in Antibes. I called and was invited to visit Logiazur agency

In the Agency I was very well welcome by a nice lady. She explained me it will be possible to find a flat but first I had to pay first to have access to a list of flats.

I was very suspicious and wanted to go, but I don't know why but I trusted in her. I was right because she gave me immediatly after paying a list of about 10 flats corresponding to my request.

I left the lady in logiazur agency and immediatly start to call the indicated number related to each flats of the list.

All the flat of the list where still available but each time I said I don't have job, the owner of the flat refuse to show me their appartment.

I've decided to go back to Logiazur agency to complain. I was received by another person who proposed me another list of flats. She asked me the way I ask for an appointment to the owner of the flats and then suggest me exceptionnaly to call one of them to get an appointment for me. She succeeded and then I follow the way and also succeed to get appointments. 2 weeks after I've signed a contract for a flat, thanks to logiazur.

2 weeks after I've succeeded to find a job.

I can tell Logiazur was very helpfull for me. this company is a example of a very serious company in this domain. I met a colleague in my company who had a very bad experience with another company who sell lists. I've suggested him to visit logiazur and he found in less than one week a wonderfull 3 rooms flat in Cagnes / Mer. Hope my experience will help somebody. John Simon

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Posted by reinrev5 - 15 years ago

There is such a shortage of apartments here that these sorts of places and agencies for matter can do and do, what they like.

As soon as they get your money that's more or less the end of any "helpfullness". Initial cost and  ongoing telephone costs every day... they don't call you of course.

Read the clause, as soon as they have given you an address which matches what you said you wanted, their side of the contract is filled, whether it is habitable or not.


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Posted by Squirrel-192434 - 15 years ago

I had a good experience with logiazur, given lots of leads, friendly service, database was up to date and you get a wider selection of rentals suited to your criteria.

I say use em, good luck.

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Posted by snowqueen-191196 - 15 years ago


A friend of mine used the agency you're asking about and did not have a good experience. I found a rental through the free 06 magazines that come out on Wednesdays. You can also keep ahead of the competition by looking up Nice Matin ads on their website as this is updated continuosly as ads come in and you can sometimes get leads before the printed edition comes out.

Good luck.

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Posted by PeanutButter - 15 years ago

Hello Veroniek,Try...http://www.nicematin-immo.com/fr/index.phpThere are loads of apartements for rent.thanks,amir.

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Posted by veroniek-192657 - 15 years ago

I just would like to add that I did hear a lot of bad stories about BEP. But they give you lists of phonenumbers that have been lying around for days to which many people might already have called. Apparently, Logiazur does not work like this but keeps the numbers confined until you call them, or look it up on the net, and keep their offers up to date. So that's why I would like to ask about people's specific experience with Logiazur.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

Ask yourself why she was so pushy.

I got caught by a similar operation when I first came here and was less cynical and embittered about the 'Cote de Ripoff' than I am now.  They give you a list of properties available and you do the footwork or 'phoning yourself, and will probably find that the majority are no longer available.

You could get lucky in which case you will have shown a handsome profit over paying an agency fee, but of course it's a gamble.