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Finding a stroller/baby supplies in Nice

Posted by gofrance - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by mcclain - 16 years ago


Finding baby supplies here at a reasonable price is tough.  I actually found it was cheaper to order my Graco stroller from the US and pay to have it shipped.  Aubert, Bebe Cash and other private baby shops are expensive, have little selection, and less customer service (the exception being Bebe Cash in Chateauneuf).  Ordering from mothercare.com is possible if you need something specific.  Shipping souds high, but they won't charge VAT so it works out OK.  There are second-hand baby supply shops (in Vence, for example), but I also found them very expensive.  Watching Angloinfo for baby supplies has also worked well for me in the past.  Also, twice a year the AVF Mother & Toddlers group has a sale where you can get all kinds of clothes and equipment for a song.

Best of luck,


M. Percy

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Posted by Sol-192236 - 16 years ago

We went up the rn 202 to Grenoble , long before the road gets steep there are all those large out of town stores. Close to Darty, there is a huge baby shop ( not Autour Bebe- we found that a rip off ) , can't remember the name but really large collections, not all designer names and as cheap as we could find.Good luck.

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Posted by kfulwell - 16 years ago

We got a really cheap stroller from Carrefour. They don't have much selection, though. There's a place on Rue Arson, at the junction with Rue Barberis (I think!) called Galleries Arson, which always have a good selection outside. I've also seen a place on Blvd Riquier that sells secondhand baby equipment, so might be worth trying to track that down. Not in town at the moment, so can't help with specifics, sorry!Kate