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For w r i t e r s

Posted by gaella - Created: 15 years ago
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       The WRITE WAY was successfully started here 3 months ago.

       The group, now composed of 10 writers of different levels and styles (and locations between Monaco, Cannes and Grasse) is RE-OPENING for NEW MEMBERS.

       Participating in a Writers Group ALWAYS lends more credibility to one's work, whereas one has his/her material "critiqued" by others. No matter what size group, when an author goes to publishers, having belonged to one adds a certain "value."

       What The WRITE WAY proposes to THOSE COMMITTED TO WRITE:

       1- a STRUCTURE i.e., scheduled agenda that requires reading others material, doing exercises related to each's own level, and writing one's own material.  Meetings happen every 3 weeks.

       2- a COMMITMENT level that participants honor for the sake of the group's well fare.  The WRITE WAY has a set of Rules & Agreements that new members must sign.  These can be emailed to you after you have communicated by email-reply here:
       - your name, adress, phone number, personal email
       - a little about your position/knowledge/aspirations towards writing

       The goal is to avoid creating a group of people who promise to "critique" someone's material and then don't show up at the following meeting, therefore letting this person down.
       It's work and effort to organize, maintain and lead a group, so The WRITE WAY gladly does it for FREE to serve those who TRULY are committed to themselves as the writers that they are or will develop and therefore are committed to the group as well.
       A sense of being a "spoke" of the wheel is important. The wheel cannot fonction without all the spokes.

       3- the LOCATION for meetings: it varies and has usually been at one of the members' residence or place of business.  The WRITE WAY tries to keep locations convenient for all and car-pooling is common amongst members.

       So, to join, here's the process:
       - Email the above requested information
       - Someone will call you to have a short discussion
       - The Rules & Agreements will be sent to you

       If you agree to them (standard BASIC stuff on confidentiality, plagiarism, etc) you will be able to join The WRITE WAY immediately at the NEXT MEETING ON MAY 5th, 7:45pm SHARP in Valbonne
       or at the FOLLOWING MEETING ON MAY 26th, 7:45pm SHARP at a location to be announced.
       Please NOTE that we start on time and snacks/drinks are brought by members who wish to do so.

       We hope to hear from you, aspiring, inspired or even "temporarily stucked" writers!

       The WRITE WAY is not a group that teaches how to write.  It is a support group for the creativity and expression of the written word and for the issues confronted by ALL ARTISTS.  


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 11 years ago

I was a member of Gaella's group, and no it is no longer going, in fact Gaella has left this place for greener pastures. There is another active writers' group and I'll get you the details but it won't be today.

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Posted by BodieandDoyle - 11 years ago

Gaella, is your group still going? If it is I would be interested in hooking up with you guys. Please do let me know. Many thanks.

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Posted by dheimpel - 15 years ago

I don't get Harry's comments. I think what Gaella is doing is great, and all those who really want to be writers have to get over any apprehensions about presenting in front of so called 'Wannabes'. We all wanna be something and groups like this help to make that happen.

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Posted by gaella - 15 years ago

Well, thank you Bryan. Some amazing talent is starting to show in the group... and the most exciting moments are getting feedback on the written pieces... makes it all worthwhile to have chosen nights in to write instead of partying...

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Posted by Bryan-180667 - 15 years ago

Gaella, Congradulations to Write Way! Glad to hear that you got a good commitment of 10 and things rolling. I hear Harry, and that is why you need to have a full inner life and vision to bring to a circle. With a full heart and confidence what you bring into one of those circles can blossom into something good for you, your collegues and this region. Writing always need collaboration and strength. Confidence in yourself to handle critics and Love of what you doing. I think it is a great way to sharpen your voice. Gaella has a grip on how to keep things light and not just a shark feeding frenzy. She wanted from the start to keep things from getting to heavy and negative. Glad to hear everything is going well Gaella.BryanDirectorps- things are going great for me too. I have 5 HD projects this year, 2 features and 3 documentries. All have international distro on cable, tv, and DVD online. I start principal on the first feature may 29th Ascension day!Lets make the Riv Roll...write away.

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Posted by gaella - 15 years ago

THANKS for keeping on walking by! (Timing is everything)

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Posted by ClaudeRomilly - 15 years ago

I agree totally with Harry's comments. I was once a keen member of a Writers Group. But everyone was so desperate. The aga-saga writer was trashed for being soppy by the thriller writer, who in turn was dumped for being too violent, while the chocolate/shopping & sex writer was told she was too salacious! No one could win. I finally teamed up with another writer. She & I sent each other our 'efforts'. Our style of writing and indeed the respective genres could not have been more different. But we learned a lot from our experience. Each offering subtle hints & soft advice. We also discussed presentation, agents, publishers etc.  We had no need for sandwiches & a Thermos flask for a prompt on time meeting. We never met each other! But a publishing contract was the result.

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Posted by HarryDay-186340 - 15 years ago

All the writers are probably writing - normally they are a shy lot. Maybe your appeal comes over a little too formal & bossy ... try a gentler approach. The writers' circle concept is well proven and can work with benefit to members. However, it takes some courage for a 'wannabe' writer to have his/her work critiqued by a group of other 'wannabes'. One to one exchanges also work, whereby two people swap their work for appraisal. Wish you well, but won't be joining.

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Posted by gaella - 15 years ago

Where are all the writers gone.... (song)