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Free mobile

Posted by Ba&Ke - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Ba&Ke - 6 years ago

Thanks for all the replies. Let's hope they clear this up soon.

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Posted by garoolgan-207343 - 6 years ago

I'm in Monaco at least once a week and I've never had a problem calling or receiving with my Free.fr mobile.

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 6 years ago

It is true that Free do not have an agreement signed for Monaco coverage. This has caused huge emotion from the French frontalier community who signed up for Free at home and then found their mobiles don't work in the office in MC. If you do a Google search on this you will find hundreds of articles, on-line petitions, newspaper reports, etc. It all seems to have gone a little cool recently but I certainly haven't heard about it being resolved properly.
For those who say it worked for them - depends in exactly what areas as to whether you get x-border coverage from France. There are however many areas in MC where coverage isn't effective and it won't work until the agreement is put in place.

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Posted by TomTom-248588 - 6 years ago

i was there on sunday and it worked well (voice and data)

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Posted by musky-211885 - 6 years ago

Mine worked on a day out there.