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Free mobile. Buying a mobile phone.. Locked/Unlock

Posted by unclebuck-261169 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by AndyHandy - 7 years ago

I spoke today with one guy from Free mobile assistance cause i want to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S3. The phones purchased from Free are 100% unlocked, so you can use the phone all over the world.

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 7 years ago

Just had exactly this discussion with techies at my lunchtime table. Apparently no - the phones they sell are not SIM locked to their (virtual) network nor to Orange's real network. I haven't actually seen this proven and I truly wonder if that policy whilst it seems to be true for phones sold for a full price, is it also true for phones where you receive a reduced purchase price and then a 2-year contract for the repayment?