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Freesat and dish size

Posted by Angelique Assistance - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Maureen0524 - 4 years ago

The Sky foot print will not change as they are from a dif' satelite. So if you can afford sky and don't want the BeeB & ITV don't worry an 80 cent'm well do fine.

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Posted by Angelique Assistance - 4 years ago

Thank you all for your advice. Wait and see then.

I heard that receiving sky would be much easier as Sky is not likely to narrow down the satellite beam unlike freesat. Apparently beam can either be narrow or large. Freesat chose it to be narrow. On the contrary, Sky interest is to keep it large to keep as many oversea customers as possible. Is that true?

For those who got sky, any sign of weakness in signal strength?




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Posted by alsyfra-307908 - 4 years ago


Watch free live uk tv (BBC, ITV, Channel 4,5) on your computer. Type filmon into your search engine.


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Posted by trae1107 - 4 years ago

Totally agree with last posting. Apparently a 1,2 metre dish will be necessary to get BBC and ITV channels, amongst the others... Also - apparently - BBC will be going off next month, unless you've got the bigger dish. 


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Posted by Maureen0524 - 4 years ago

Hi, At moment I would not buy any new equipment, They have not started moving channels to the new satelite yet, [Going to lauched next Monday) and should be up and running by the end of Oct'. It is not known  what size of dish we will require, but it almost certain to be above a 1.2M .




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Posted by robbie1400 - 4 years ago

Hi there

We are in Biot and have a 90cm dish mounted on the chimney. The signal quality is OK but variable and recently we have been required to re-tune the box every few days as the channels have disappeared. Also we can no longer get the Freesat programme guide.

I'm not sure if a bigger dish will improve things. We are going to wait and see how the situation develops before upgrading anything.