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French cell phone subscription?

Posted by Ville - Created: 15 years ago
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Can anybody help me with acquiring a french cell phone subscription (ie. french cell phone number)?

I'd propably go for some type of pre-paid subscription where I buy operating time beforehand. I already have a cell phone (the apparatus) and I wouldn't want to tie myself down with a contract that lasts a minimum of two years or whatever. I assume those pre-paid subscriptions are available here? Are they a lot more expensive to use than regular subsciptions? What kind of contracts are involved with these subsciptions?

I am very grateful for any information you have.

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Posted by Ville - 15 years ago

Pardon me for being a bad user. I forgot the rule #1. Always browse before you post. :) There seems to be quite a few posts about this issue. I'll propably find all the info I need from those.